Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plight of A Mighty River !

Whenever Haridwar goes through my mind the first thing i look after is River Ganga. I have been there many times and i always relishes dipping my feet into river Ganga. No matter how much you are tired but when your feet go down into it the tiredness extinguishes automatically.

But can this feeling be same at Allahabad where Ganga reaches after flowing hundreds of Kilometers ? I guess the answer is no. River Ganga as comprised of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers have first encounter to this real world at RishiKesh, the atmosphere there is awesome as giant River flows with a very fast flow.

When i visited RishiKesh last time i was told about many places to visit there but none other than Ganga would have fancied me. It was so nice to sit at one of the ghats there and see it flow so smoothly.But  then there were few people who were relinquishing Mangoes more then the river and were throwing the Mango Seeds and its Chilka in the river.

Then Ganga reaches Haridwar where you see lots of people taking dip in it.When you enter Haridwar you see lots of Hotels,Dharamshalas and people from every part of the country. Har ki Paudi is the place where everybody goes and encounters river Ganga. Offcourse people come here to take a dip and prays that their sins vanishes. Yes when they take bath their sins are washed away but what about their dirty clothes ? they also need to be washed and when wash it needs to be washed cleanly so they use RIN bar to do it and all the rinse goes to holy Ganga. So our Ganga has some new taste to it now.

After travelling about hundred km in Bijnore what you saw is Raeth being evacuated from our Holiest river. You see a change in colour of water its now little muddy. Not much people visit Ganga there hence not much pollutants are added there.

Then i have seen it in Garhmukteshwar there you will see lots of people as its the nearest point of River Ganga from our national Capital Delhi. Here you see as the water of river is standstill. I bet you will not like to take a dip here after seeing our holiest river there. The whole magic of seeing Ganga as in Haridwar or RishiKesh just disappears here. Not much time you can spend here.

Then lastly i have seen Ganga in Allahabad. Allahabad being the junction where three rivers Ganga,Yamuna and Mandakini meets(Mandakini if someone has seen please tell me) is the place where biggest Kumbh Mela takes place. The best thing about Ganga here is that the colour of its water which is muddy is far better then Yamunas which is black in colour which somehow reminds you of any drain. After all as Yamuna flows in Delhi also and no Delhite would have gone  their for picnic at river Yamuna as what you see there is Froth and lots of Froth. When i placed my feet in River Ganga there the feelings were not at all same as i had in Haridwar.

In between Ganga would have gone through lots of pains but it still flows despite all of the atrocities that we pound on her. But i don't have any idea till when it continues to flow as the condition does not look to good for it.

At this time India is Shining its Incredible India but our Govt. has forgotten why this country is so Incredible or why its shining.

Just to tell you at last, London one of the most famous cities of the world also have a river which flows through its heart, there was one day when its water was dirty and polluted but because of the will of that country now River Thames is flowing with all glory again.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How I Fared in Sports

Football World Cup has just started and people are going crazy about it(So do i !) , so i thought why not have a post with relation to sport. No i will not write about the Football World Cup, i know you guys have every knowledge regarding this. So where do i go ? What better to tell you about myself in Sports. Before starting I must tell you that i was no great Sportperson but i tried my best.
First few years of my life were spent in Meerut(about when i was 6,7 years old) all i know about sports was Poshampa Poshampa(The same girly game where we used to make a passage by holding hands by two persons and rest used to go under that passage) or playing with some Toys. I don't remember playing any Outdoor game at that time. As my school was not that big and no playgrounds there, sports was not entertained there all what i remember about that school is we used to roam around in corridorand then Principal Sir coming on to the Corridor and we taking an exit to our classes. At that time when i was in UKG students in Ist class appeared to very experienced guys.

Then we moved to Delhi, as my school was Big and having a good playground i first encountered Outdoor sports there same i got in my colony. Firstly as everybody i was inclined towards Cricket we had a group there and i soon began Captain of our team. In School for the first time i played i was handed the Ball to bowl first over(Some of my friends in my colony also studied at same school they must have told how good i play to my classmates). And i bowled the first ball, batsman came down and Wacked ! ball was in the air i called fo the catch and damn ! i dropped it. From that day i was not given any hype in my school. But there in School i played many games including Hockey,Football,Kho Kho. As i was very agile i always gave my 100 %. We used to play Gitte(a game played with marble cubes),Hide & Seek,run races in our colony. Started watching Cricket on TV and yes WWF(ya we call it WWE now) I was comfortble playing with leather ball at that time in Cricket.I continued to be a good sportsman in my colony but no luck in School. 

After passing 6th Grade we moved to Betul(a District in southern Madhya Pradesh). first thing i saw is that no body plays with Leather ball there they, play with Tennis balls. I thought it would be easy for me but here i get some seniors to play with and they will never give me chance to ball or bat in starting, all i got was last place in batting and few ball to ball. Anyhow i could not make any impression and same continued in my School. One thing everybody used to admire me was of my fielding skills in Cricket. So i thought why not try my hands on Football. And there was Football tournament in our school. Everybody was told that in evening practice session will be organised and from them players will be chosen. I attended all the sessions. On the day of selecton i went to my school i was surprised to see that playing 11 was selected already and most of the selected were guys who didn't even attended the practice session. And we who took every session were told to Kick the Football once and they will see if we know how to kick a football, our selection was hanging on that kick only. I know this was Curtain Over for us. I guess this is also the problem with our Indian Sport system,guys with not much ability are chosen over talented ones. Thats why we don't see too many Indians performing well at the International level.

Before i used to think that i will become a sport person but after that my hopes were over. See Australia a country with little over 20mn people they are playing Football,Cricket,Rugby at the higest level even they are very good at Olympics. But we more than 1 bn people have to content with Cricket which is played by not more than 10 countries in the world(ask someone about Cricket in US,Canada or any non Cricket playing country and first word they will say is What ? pardon please)
Again we moved to Meerut and now i was not having much interest in Sports. Now i just follow sports on Television and hope that a day will come when our country will be
amongst the 32 teams that play World Cup Football or someday we will host Olympics.

Sports that i follow are Cricket(as usual),Lawn Tennis,Formula 1, Cycling(Tour de France) and now days Football.

Friday, June 11, 2010

An Early Exit !

Birth and Death are both universal truth, while one knows when a Baby will born but during its lifetime Death is never predictable. Untimely death is what that really hurts a person. You get attached to a person and suddenly one day you came to know he is no longer present in this world. Then this thought arises why God has chosen that particular person who was so loved by us ?

Jatin Kanakia i considered was one of the top Comedy actors that we were having. You must all remember him for his role in Shrimanji Shrimatiji aired on DoorDarshan. What comic timing he was having. A daily dose of laughter was guaranteed. I guess all the characters in that serial Kokiee,Prema Malini,Dilruba,Gokhale could not have been on our lips if Keshav would not have been there. As the serial was going on and raising in popularity sudden demise of Jatin shocked everybody. One cannot believe that it happened but as he was not part of show any further it was confirmed. They say he died of Pancreatic Cancer and in his last days was still shooting. What great person he would be who worked until his last breath. Twelve years have passed since his death and people don't talk about him much but he still remains in everyones heart. What a person could not achieve in his whole life he claimed that in his short life span.

Sameways our very own Laddoo(from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun) Laxmikant Berde a jubilant personality a Marathi actor to start from who was as lovable as Jatin Kanakia died when he was doing wonderful work.His role in Rajshree Productions Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun where in both films he acted as faithful servant were highly acclaimed. He died of Kidney Failure.

Then came the news of Steve Irwin which was a complete shock. We used to see him daily on Crocodile Hunter what courageous person he was. He with his Wife and children formed a great family and one day when i was leaving for my college in the morning i picked up the newspaper and got the news about his tragic death. For full day i could not believe the news and it took lot of time to sunk in. Why this happens nobody knows.

Latest Entry to the list is Nirmal Pandey. A person with great acting skills. I Guess for the role that he played in Bandit Queen he will be long remembered. They say he was was going for the screening of his latest film Lahore when he died of Heart Attack,he was 48.

These good people making an Early Exit may not have lived their life to the extent that they would have wanted to but surely what they were brought here for they have succeeded in that.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lets Take a Quiz Now !

Quizzing is my favourite game, whenever i get bored i just start reading some General Knowledge books or take some online quiz(also when me and my Cousin Brother are together we just ask questions to each other)

Today i am asking you hundred  ten questions whose answers you can give in comment section. These questions i have made myself from whatever knowledge i have.

Name Five countries which are four lettered(like INDIA is five lettered) ?

If USA comes on first place for most English speaking Country which Country comes on Second and Third place ?

Which Cricketer bowled the First ball in First ODI World Cup ?

Which City Will host the 2016 Summer Olympics ?

Name the Australian Prime Minister ?

If India Celebrate its Republic Day on 26th January each year,which other Country have its most significant day on the same date(Name Country and what they call that day)?

NOKIA derives its roots from which Country ?

ULAN BATOR is the Capital of which Country ?

In which Country Portuguese language is spoken most ?

This Television & Film personality started his career as a Teacher in Haryana then joined Film and Television Institute of India(FTII)Pune has worked in various films,Serials and Theatres. Once he interviewed Sachin Tendulkar when he was still a boy(that Interview is telecasted many times on Sports and News shows) and he is American Origin(that made it easy). Whom i am talking about ?

Hope you liked the Quiz, give as many answers you know in Comment Section. I will let u know the answers very soon !

Now as that you have taken the Quiz how about looking at new Apple iPhone4 .

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dream I have !

I have a dream and i am nurturing it from long time. Its always nice to have dream because you have something to look after and you work upon for its fulfilment. Now a days i see many people visiting foreign land which was not much prevalent before in our part, but as i see them going there i am hopeful that my dream one day will turn into reality. So by now u must have guessed what my dream is all about.

Yes to visit some places which are distant apart from us. So today i will write about some places which i have listed in my dream. And yes i would like to go there with my family which are integral part of my dream.

The First place on my list is China !

China country with most number of people and yet it is worlds fastest growing economy. Despite being our neighbour they are very different from us in most of the respect. They have hosted Olympics(We have to content with CWG), have put their man in Space(We rely mostly on Russia),have permanent seat in UN Security Council(We are begging for it),A family is allowed to have only one child(no stoppage here govt. has just contended with its slogan "Hum Do Hamare Do"). These are some of the things that strucked my mind for choosing China in my list.

Next on list is England

As Britishers has ruled us for many years they have left behind many monuments with Super Architecture and i love them so what better it would be to visit a place where all this started. As i am a firm believer of Mahatma Gandhi i would love to visit those places where he lived or studied. Charlie Chaplin my fav Comedian and Beatles my fav English Band had all lived there, what great time would it be to visit such a place!

Next Comes Russia

Imagine what would have happen if Russia was non existent ? From where we would got our Sukhois ? What would have happen to ISRO ? What about our Nuclear Reactors? Russia our dear long time friend(but i heard people are not so friendly there?) huge country and most compelling reason for being on this list is its Super Cold Climate. I like the Onion Shaped Domes The Kremlin on St. Petersburg Square in Moscow. When Russia comes to my mind some hysteria feeling crops up. This could only be solved after visiting Russia.

Next on line is Bhutan

Druk Yul is what Bhutan is called by its people. This small country in Himalayas was hiding from my mind until i stumbled upon this site which had a Bhutan Travelogue(Which you must also go through,highly recommended!) After going through it i realised what beauty Bhutan is and is easily reachable and not so heavy on your Pockets also. Bhutan is a natural beauty with a mystic touch to it. The best part is you don't need a Visa.

Next we have Mongolia

The reason why you find Mongolia here is because of Ian Wright presenter of Lonely Planet series on Discovery Channel. Seeing the show i came to know how beautiful Mongolia is. The best part what i liked is scarcity of people there(I am fed up of being with humans) so you could just relax and enjoy the vast grasslands there. There are not many cities there(except Ulan Bator that i know) all you see is empty area. Most of the people live Nomad life there.

Last but not the least Pakistan

Some 60 years ago we were same, a single nation but as we are two different nations now many changes must have occurred between us. Our language,culture,food,living are almost similar yet we both think so different. We both nations are now enemies for each other but i personally wants harmony between us. If we could live with each other for so many centuries then why can't now be friends. I have heard common people there are very friendly like us only. They say Lahore is like our Delhi and Karachi resembles Mumbai. Pakistan comes on number one position in my list where i dream of visiting.

So this is my dream now in front of you. I don't know how much time it will take for its fulfilment but i am highly Optimistic for it accomplishment.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Jodi Could it be ?

Ranbir and Katrina are both heartthrobs of millions,but if they are heartthrobs of themselves nobody knows.
What couple would they made if they are together ! But as Katrina is linked with Salman(which she never affirms) and Ranbir was dating Deepika previously(rumors still pop up that they are back) the possibilty of them being together is very low.
Katrina is in her 20s and our Sallu Bhai in his 40s that means when Katrina was born Salman was about the age of me(I am imagining how would it feel to be in love with a girl who is just born) doesn't qualify them to be a perfect pair. More so Salman does not looks to have luck going with his girlfriends(Sangeeta Bijlani,Aishwarya,theres some more girls in the list not getting there names) so chances of going them forward again very low.
Now comes Ranbir looks like single at the moment and could be ready to mingle. Deepika chapter was there and they were madly in love with each other but no body knows what hapenned, but as they say whatever happens it happens for good(If you take my opinion Deepika and Ranbir was no jody, there has to be someone special for Ranbir)
Now as Ranbir and Katrina must have spend much time at the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and now on Rajneeti there must be some Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in between them(i mean how is it possible if two beautiful people are so close to eachother((i mean on shooting)) and doesn't have any feeling  for eachother).

Well its seems they could have some kind of future, and if that happens they would made Bollywoods best Jodi(I don't know why i want them to be with eachother) !

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delhi Metro - What a Fun !

Eversince the Delhi Metro has started its been a huge relief for Delhiites who have to commute by City Buses(Which are always filled beyond their capacities),Autos or Taxis unless they own their own Vehicle. As Metro is expanding the remote areas of Delhi will be easily accessible.
But why i am writing this post has nothing to do with the Relief that Delhi Metro has given to people for travelling purpose.
Give a thought and ask yourself whats the best thing you like while travelling in Metro ? hmm.. Its the lot of EyeCandies that u got to have a look at. Am i saying wrong ? Be true to yourself and reply.
As soon as you enter the Metro station the look out for EyeCandies starts. Firstly when you go for purchasing Token you enters a queue and start searching your target and if that target is nearer, you just prays\ for her company in your journey and possibility of an Eye clash.
Then again at the Boarding Queue at the Platform your eye start searching for your prey and i am sure there are plenty of options to chose from. As you board the train you want to get as close as possible may be a touch will satisfy you or the Beautiful fragrance coming from the near by Prey.
And when finally you are on the Train and you are running out of your luck to Capture any Beauty you just wait your fate to turn around at the next station.
Most of the times when you return at your place by Metro you have something to feel good upon, as this Delhi Metro has just not eased or comforted your travel but had given your Eyes something to look after every time you travel by it.

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