Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Any Guesses ?

Hello there ! How are you ? Doing fine na ? Had your meal ? Howz the Climate ? Any Problem ? Money Problem ? Heart Break ? No ? What CellPhone do you use ? And Connection ? PostPaid or PrePaid ? Whats you height ? plus or minus 5feet 7inches ? Do you use PC or Laptop ? Is it night or day at your place ? Brushed your teeth today ? Whats going through your mind ? Watched any Movie today ? Do you own a two wheeler or a Four wheeler ? Enough ??? ...... Ok one para is finished now, just asked some crazy questions as i don't have much to write today.One thing you tell me how many questions you answered ? 

But i have something for you, a little trivia , i have a pic... wait 1 not 2, you just have to recognize the person. Lets see if you could get him or not.

So here are the Pics.....

Both Pics belongs to same person.

* He is 30 years Old.
* If you like Movies then you must know him.
* He Once went to Jail also.
* Was very Close to a renowned

I had so many pictures of him but then if I show you them you will get him in one go,still should not be a difficult one.

Image Courtesy Wikipedia.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar - Old Pictures !

Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the best Cricketer ever to  have walked on this Planet and time and again he has proved this . Indian Cricket revolves around him so, to not have a post on him here would be unacceptable. His life is known to everyone hence i am not gonna bore you by narrating his life story, what i would do here is that i will post 11 of his pictures which you might not have seen. I better let the Pictures do talking now.

I start with this Pic where you could see him with his Childhood Friend and Cricketer Vinod Kambli.

In this Picture you could see Young Sachin with his Father Ramesh Tendulkar.

Cute is one word that i get after seeing this picture what do you say ?

Here Child Sachin is seen with his Cricketing mates at a Club match, hope you could identify him.

McEnroe was his favorite Tennis player , you could see him imitating him here.

Easily the youngest of the lot amongst these players, he looks what his Son Arjun looks now.

Here again is an old Picture of Sachin with Club Cricketers, can you guess the other Cricketers  ?

Could anybody have guessed that these two, specially Sachin would make this big in Cricket at that time ?

Busy Eating something here !

What a Shot ! thats all what i could say .

Lastly have you seen him dancing ? Enjoy this pic then.

His not Sachin , do you know him ? then tell his name in Comment Section.

Here are some of Sachin's records which are lesser known.

* Only Cricketer to have scored century at his debut in    
   Ranji,Irani and Duleep trophy.
* He was the first Cricketer who was given out by  
   Third Umpire sytem.
* He has scored more than 1000 runs in ODIs against 
   all major Cricket playing nations.
* He has scored 5 centuries before he turned 20.
* Most number of 90s in ODIs.
* Most number of 50s in ODIs.

Despite all the records he still is the humblest of the Celebrities, thats makes Sachin Tendulkar the GREATEST!

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