Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Pleasure that I Always look After

There are lot of pleasures that we human beings enjoy and look after but none attracts me more as the one about which i am gonna write about today. I wait for it every month but it does not last for much not more than half an hour and it didn't cost much either, but it varies from person to person. Yes sometimes they are filthy, dirty but its just matter of closing of your eyes and you are on Cloud Nine. So not taking much of your time i disclose the pleasure that i am talking about it is the time that i spend in a Hair Saloon for getting an Hair Cut.

I remember when i was a child i used to go with my Father for having an hair cut and Barber used to put a Wooden Plank on two handles of Chair for me to sit on so that my posture could be elevated , i was so embarrassed by this as i do not want to be seen as a child.But then this problem get solved when i gained some height.

[ The Picture which used to be here is now deleted as the original Photographer of that Pic [to whom I have not taken permission to put it here[unintentionally]] does not want it to be displayed here ]


Now from past 8 years i visit a neighborhood Hair Cutting Saloon called Taj Hair Saloon no its not near to Taj Mahal neither i have seen any replica of it inside the saloon. Its an average looking Saloon with 3 Chairs in it and lots of Empty Boxes of Creams, hair colors and Powders all for display and yes we have a TV too.

This Guy Looks Like Osaf 

I remember when i first went there a guy who was younger then me and he was given the duty to cut my hair and he did very well despite being new to this profession, that guy is now the owner of that saloon. His name is Osaf he was small guy at that time now he stands taller then me.

As usual you have to wait for your turn but in the mean time you can enjoy watching Zee Cinema Channel yes you have to watch it even if you don't like, its mandatory cause you don't get the remote or you can go for Amar Ujala Newspaper if both of these things do not fascinates you can do chit chat with Osaf while he is busy with his work but he is always up for this. But i opt for Zee Cinema, even i don't ever watch it at my home but  God knows why i like it at his shop.

When my turn comes the first question he ask is Bhaiyya Wohi Chhote Chhote Krdu ?(Bro same cut with small hair) and i node in affirmative. He will cover my body with a sheet which is tightly tugged at my Neck that virtually Suffocates me. A brisk spray of cold water on my hair and he starts his job. I just relax at this moment while he continues with his job turning my head in all directions and i politely acknowledge that. In between he will start conversation with me, he will ask me where are you working now,what kind of job is yours and all sorts of questions and Gossips. Once when there were no customers except me he told his full family history how the entire generation of his family is in this Business and they are happy doing this work, i enjoy conversing with him i guess this nature of them also makes a customer a permanent one like me[Good Strategy].

You feel like you are in heaven when this hair cutting procedure is being applied on you. I just look at myself in the Mirror whether he is going ok or not with my hair, which my family members compares with Jhadu saying there is no other derivative for them. Even the Barber do suffers with them Bhaiyya bahut he Mote Baal hai aapke [Bro your hair are very thick ], when they grow big they move in every directions hence i prefer to keep them short only

After finishing with the hair he always ask me Shaving bhi krdu aapki ya face massage krdu ? [Would you like to get shaved or try face Massage] but i always decline his offer ,Shaving i do at home only and face massage i know will not make my face any prettier but he gives me a Complementary Champi which is the best part, i so so like this it rejuvenates you. Continuous tapping of his fingers over my head beating the hell out of my Brain but finally Good things always comes to an end and so this also for me.

After paying him[which is not very much] i return home thinking how long will they take to grow again so that i get a chance to visit the Taj Hair Cutting Saloon again.

This is Manish after his new hair cut, by seeing this pic i got an idea to write this post.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Internet And Me

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I remember i first heard about Internet in late nineties when we moved to Betul(M.P) , all i knew was that you can get knowledge about anything on this Planet by it. Our School was having the Computers and we used to learn Basic language on it which i hated and i also came across Encarta first there but internet was still not available in School . So me and my friends ventured out for it, but it was expensive about 40 Rupees per hour and at that time it was little too much for us.

Then after collecting some money me and my Friend went at the cafe, reached there but now what to do with it ? But there was Google , type a keyword and you get related  info about it . As we were growing kids first thing that we looked out for were Porno websites , getting the things that we were not having any access to was something special but we were scared what if someone saw us watching it but to our surprise most of the people were doing the same thing.

Next thing was E-Mail , how cool it is to send a letter to a person who is miles apart from you in a second so we now moved to Yahoo to have an email account . Now the time came for the address of our first email id , it must be related to our identity my Name is Abhishek and my Friends was Raja so after some thoughts we came out with but whom to mail  ? all our friends live nearby then whats the use of this id ? This question was solved by Yahoo Messenger , we logged into it then came some rooms to venture obviously we moved towards Romance room we chatted there with Filipino,Vietnamese,Korean every Asian girls but Indian girls were hard to find .

At that time Internet Cafes used to have small cabins which used to have doors also but cant understand why you need to have a closed cabin for surfing net[actually we all know why they have been placed] Even i used to hear that X girl from our class has went with Y Boy to the cafe, yes they were proving to be a perfect place for some private moments.

When i joined college we had a period where we used to access net at our Internet lab but that period was not enough for me, I used to bunk classes with Manish to be in lab, if we were not in Class the best place to find us was the Internet lab.

Then one day my Friend who used to study in Pune came and asked me are you on Orkut ? i said whats  Orkut ? he said its a social networking site where you can get in touch with your friends but you need to have an Invitation for it.We moved from Pillar to Post to get its invitation but nobody was using Orkut in our college, at last i remember Manish came to me one day and told that Pankaj Shukla[our fellow class mate] is using Orkut and we can get invitation from him after that it was only Orkut for us, after some days orkut was banned in College but we were clever we came out with some proxy sites and continued with it.

Then i came to know about Blogs,i thought i would make some money from it with Adsense so i made a blog which didn't attracted any traffic. I even made my Blog as home page of all the Computers in our Internet lab but that didn't worked too.You can check my old blog here but i have changed its template . Now its been hacked by someone.

To use net at home was one thing i was still looking after and when i got my phone i started using net at home but the speed was like the pace of a Worm, sometimes it took hours to open a single page . 

My USB Modem and Laptop

Now when i started working last year i was determined to have a stable net connection. I got this Reliance Netconnect Modem which gives me maximum downloading speed of 20kbps , the MODEM cost me 2150 Rupees with a montly rental of 499 Rupees. This Modem happens to be the only thing that i had purchased till date from my Salary for me.

Thanks to the Internet i have made some very good friends and also i am in touch with existed friends. There is lot more we can do with it but I think its Best is yet to come.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 things I want to do or have !

Its been two hours that i came back from Office and finally Electricity is here , twitter timeline and TV news are filled with news of Amitabh winning National Award[again] and All Party meet to discuss Kashmir has concluded[with no conclusion].I am determined to write a short post today, lets see if i could deliver.

So today i will jolt down Ten Things that i want to have or want to do. From yesterday evening i am listing them and finally i got the last one, i thought it would be very easy to write them up but eventually turned out quite difficult for me. 

Apple iPhone

The most talked about phone without any doubt, i have seen it in hands of many people but haven't got a chance to hold it yet. There must be something in it as its so popular, but i don't like iPhone4 shape will prefer older versions.

Update - Have myself bought a Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Ace for myself after researching a lot about the phones in my budget and finally landing on it, its an Android phone and iPhone4 is not on my priority list anymore. 


How different it would be to read a Book without even turning a single page ? Carrying millions of Books on a single device. Kindle can do this all and more.

Update - Enjoying Kindle services on my new Phone Samsung Galaxy Ace : )

Google Page Rank for my Blog

Its been four months since i started my blog its Alexa rank has been improving ever since, but having a GPR is ultimate thing, last time it was updated on 3rd April 2010[my birthdate] i am not expecting it for me this time but if i could get it next year it would be amazing.

Update - To my Surprise my Blog at its first attempt got Google Page Rank of 3 which I never expected but some of my post has done very well and are on the top of the charts of Google but the Google Page Rank of the Blog declined to 2 in the next update mainly because of me not being indulging into Blogging much but now I am trying to be back again and work on my Blog with a fresh thinking.

Train Journey

Its been a long time that i had traveled on a train now i am missing it very much. I want to travel far away i don't know where but in a Sleeper Coach with Side Lower Birth.

Increase my Weight to 60kg

Yes i am thin and skinny and my weight is around 54kg, my parents are always worried for me. Two years back i got it upto 58kg but lost it now could i get  
to 60kg ? let see.

Earn some money from my blog

I know placing ads will not do it for me as not much traffic here but i dearly want to earn some money by blogging its my secondary reason for being here.

Play Station

I am not a big gamer and don't like the games related with missions , i like racing games and my fav is Formula 1 and Play Station will provides ultimate gaming experience.

Crack a National level Competitive Exam

Its been a long time dream for me just to satisfy me that i have some  caliber in me, for that i have to work hard and thats the only thing that i don't indulge into.

DSLR Camera

I have a digital Camera but i don't get the kind of pictures i wanted to have, DSLR Camera should help in getting some nice pictures i guess, also it looks cool[The Camera].

T-Shirt with my Blogs Domain on it

See this pic of Dinesh Wagle wearing a T-Shirt with his blogs domain on it looks cool na ? Tajim told me we could get custom made from Pringoo .Would try to get one for me.

Update - I won a Tee from 24hoursloot by RTing their tweets and its a cool Tee with some kinda Band image on it.

So finally looks like i was successful in getting a short post, do tell what are the things that you want to have or do.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Formula 1 its Coming To India !!!

As any other Indian i have grown up watching Cricket and for long time its been my Favourite sport too , but its not a priority for me any more , yes India is world No. 1 team in tests and in top 3 in ODIs but they have failed to win at Important occasions , it doesn't hurt much now when India loses as it used to hurt  some years back we have got used to it now i suppose.

This has led me to venture other Sports in world Circuit and one of the Sport which is on top of that list is Formula 1 and yesterday i got the news that its coming to India in October 2011 which has made me overjoyed . Its good that we are making our name in Sports that are watched by most of the people in the world which will only add in development of our country.

I guess my farthest memory of Formula 1 goes back when Mika Hakinen retired in 2001 that was the year when i first watched it. The things that makes me crazy about Formula 1 is the noise of its Engine Kkeeeeeeee Kkeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and its shear pace. Cars overtaking each other , so many crashes, which type of tyre to use, engines blowing up thats so amazing .Firstly i was little confused about its rules,the Qualifying,Pit lanes, the point system but gradually i developed my knowledge on them. 

Then there was Michael Schumacher who was on a spree to win back to back F1 Championships , how can you stay away from a game if it have such an Ambassador related with it. The Red colour of his Ferrari enthralls you immediately.

On the Qualifying day thats Saturday i used to be glued on my TV watching who gets which place to start from, Qualifying is same fun as the Race day, the fate of the race hugely depends on how you perform in Qualifying, now a days Qualifying's rules have changed a lot they have split Qualifying session in three Quarters before it was a single round where everybody gets chance to grab pole position, now the best 16 cars from 24 goes to second round and top 10 cars in second round goes to last round from which top ten Qualifying spots are lined up.

 On the race day the strategies used to follow up who takes the advantage at the start, how much fuel is carried by the car,at what time car comes in pit lanes, the time car spends in pit lanes for refueling and tyre changes these are many minute details which differentiates the best teams from others . The fact that Driver driving a car speeding more than 300KMPH and experiencing G forces at various turns makes it a really competitive game , the one who is physically and mentally stronger can only survive. And at last if you have any close finish like the car at Second spot overtakes the first spot car at the Chequered  flag your day was made.


Karun Chandhok

I knew Narain Karthikeyan was in talks with various Formula 1 teams , he tested with minnows like Minardi and Jaguar and then in year 2005 he became the first Indian driver to race in Formula 1 that was a huge news for Indian Formula 1 fans, Indians were never considered with sports like these and here we have an Indian who was driving a Jordan F1 car , in first few races he outplayed his teammate Tiago Monteiro of Portugal , Karthikeyan is known for his aggressiveness  and he displayed that in his driving but his stint with Formula 1 didn't last longer and next year he could not find a place for himself in racing contingent but he took the role of testing driver with Williams, later he droved for Team India in A1 GP, now as we know he is driving in NASCAR and is the first Indian to do so . This year Karun Chandok became second Indian  to grab a place in Formula 1 team, but with minnows Hispania Racing team, most of the time he used to finish at the end  of pack but that was because of his underdeveloped car and now in the middle of racing season he is dropped from his team i guess for financial reasons as you have to pay a handsome amount of money to teams for racing. Looks like this post again is becoming a very long one i will not take your much time believe me.

In the meantime Vijay Mallya bought his own team in formula 1 called Force India F1 and there you have an Indian F1 team owner what more you could ask more from King of Good Times. As the Car was based on Old Jordan platform no one was hoping wonders from it, but with gradual improvements in Car with some good Engineers and able driver lineup with Experienced Giancarlo Fisichella  and young Adrian Sutil it came out with some surprising results and is now with points in most of the races.

And now India is on the map of Formula 1, It will be the 18th race in 20 race season which is slated on 30th October 2011. The place will be Greater Noida Sports City adjacent to National Capital, New Delhi. For a city to hold a Formula 1 race it should have  world Class Infrastructure which comprises of a 7 star hotel and an Airport in vicinity is a must. Yes the date is finalized but still a a clearance from FIA is needed which will inspect every aspect and will give its clearance after its happy with the complete work. All we can do is hope that everything will be fine and it does not end up in a mess like our CWGs are now in.

Proposed Circuit for Indian Formula 1 Race

The Circuit which is built by Jaypee Group is 5.16km long with 16 corners having some steep turns and bends and there would also be some places which will give Cars opportunities to overtake making the race more exciting. The total estimated cost of Complex is around 1600 Crores which will be built in 360 acres of land. The Circuit is designed by German architect Herman Tilke they say he has designed all the F1 circuits since Sepang in Malaysia in 1999. One of the features of Formula 1 race is that around 1lac people watch it in the stadium itself making it the most watched Sport also it is followed by millions of people across the world on TeleVision. Hopefully it will be a huge success and will surely adds in the development of our country. I have my fingers crossed and hoping for a place in stands when the 5 red lights go off on the Race Day.

For more Info on the Topic go through Karthicks Post on his blog who is my Blogging Friend.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

My Favourite Songs !

From last few weeks my laptop's audio is not working and is mute, i have downloaded many drivers and implemented them but none worked taken advice from many and still no result.In fact i don't know its a Software or a Hardware problem - if any of you want to give an advice here its most welcome i will implement that also. Also thanks to my Mom the Mp3 player that i was having is also not working as it took a swirling ride in Washing Machine with dirty clothes.

I usually use my laptop to watch films and hear online music, now as both music devices at my place are dead(virtually) i am missing my music more. Now other Option is to listen it on my Phone but unfortunately my phone have internal memory of 32Mb and it does not support a memory card and my other phone which supports memory card its ear phone is not working. I am not a big music freak but because of all the wrong reasons i mentioned above i am missing music a lot. Hence i am devoting this post to music.

I will write down my favourite hindi Songs in no order here. I had spent four hours today in selecting them so kindly give your attention to them and one more thing yes most of these songs are new, i guess no song is more then 20 years old.

So here i go - 

Mar Jawan from Fashion

In recent times this is my fav song,looks like some new Singer has sung it(Shruti Pathak) i also liked some Arabic words sung by one of the music director Salim Merchant. Salim Sulaiman represents new breed of young music directors, i remember them standing in Chorus of an old pop song(but forgot that song) they are going to make big in Bollywood in future. 

Zara Zara from RHTDM(i think you can expand it)

Very nice and soothing song, googling it shows me that it is Sung by Jayashree well nice voice i think i have heard about her and music director is Harris Jayaraj well who is he and where is he now after making so many good songs for this album. Madhvan and Dia Mirza are both looking fat in this movie. 

Saathiya from Saathiya

As this song does not have much music in it the lyrics and voice of Sonu Nigam does the trick. Lyrics are not typical Bollywood kind of, the song picks the tempo as the first word Saathiya of this song is uttered by Sonu and lastly music director is Rahman.

Lagan Lagi tumse from Paap

This is the first time i heard Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and i was always wondering who this new singer is and the Music Director is Anu Milk, now a days you don't get many good songs from him. I also try to sing it(only sometimes)  and all the time i lose my breath well i am not a singer just a just a.... sorry i am not getting the word. Also along with the song you get to see the beauty of the place where its shot looks like its Ladakh.

Aaooge jab tum Sajna from Jab We Met

Director Imtiaz Ali with Kareena during the shoot of this song

This song belongs to my Favourite Movie,you get to feel the pain of Kareena(i am not reffering towards Shahid's and Kareena breakup during this film). Whenever i am sad i hear it and becomes more sad but jokes apart this is the best sad song of our era.

Pehla Nasha From Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander

Its amongst the first few songs of my Fav Singer Udit Narayan also Music Director Jatin Lalit were very new and fresh infact they have acted in some of the shots of this very film . I want to share one interesting thing about this song with you that this song is shot in slow motion but if you see this song the lip-syncing goes in normal tempo(did you understand what i am trying to say ?)  

Baho Ke Darmiyan from Khamoshi

This whole film has music attached to it, most of its song are very melodious but this one stands out for me. You get to hear smooth sound of Alka Yagnik . Sanjay Leela Bhansali(see he has his Mother's name as his middle name) always have some good music with his films but none better than this.

Sandese aate Hai from Border

Best Patriotic song of our time, Sonu Nigam and Roop Kumar Rathore won many accolades for this song, this song came at a time when Kargil war was fought and it increased nationality amongst us also its the best work of Anu Malik.

Aaye ho Meri Zindagi mein from Raja Hindustani

Listen to this song if you are in Love with someone, you can hear this song in most of the marriages i guess its tailor made for marriages. Can you guess who is the music director ? Nadeem Shravan (after this film Nadeem flew to England as he was accused in murder of Gulshan Kumar and havn't returned yet), but this song will touch your heart.

Koi Fariyad from Tum Bin

I just like this song very much you could expect this kind of singing from Jagjit Singh Only, music directors are Nikhil Vinay(where are they now ?) again a film which had many good songs and did well despite all the actors were new.

O Re Piya from Aaja Nachle

No Point in showing films Pic here

Well this film didn't ran but this song did, Rahat Fateh ali Khan at his best. Song have both low pitch and High pitch areas(yes i do know something about music also). One of the first hit songs from Salim Sulaiman jodi.

Aye Ajnabi from Dil Se

Another Gem from Udit Narayan and A R Rahman, what do more i say about this song, if you have it on your music device just hear it.

Apart from them i also like Hum Aapke hai Kaun from Hum aapke Hai Kaun, Tum Mile from Criminal, Fiza from Fiza, Na tum Jaano Na Hum from Kaho na Pyar Hai, Tu hee re from Bombay,Laree Chootee from Ek Chalis Ki Last Local and Yeh Hosala from Dor.

I know you all will also be having your favourites, please write them out in comment section. I know there are better songs then these songs also but at present they are only coming to my mind. While my interest is in Sufi, Indipop and Indian Classical music but i am open to all kind of good music and will welcome your suggestions.

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