Friday, October 18, 2013

Scenes from my Father's Childhood

As you grow up you to tend to think about your past a lot, I personally do think about my past how my life got progressed and changed. The most bleak memory that you have is of your early childhood days. For most people it differ what is the earliest you remember, some people would remember instances when they were one or two years old and some I know who don't even remember much about their time when they were 4 or 5.

My Father who has seen around 55 springs in his life still have memories dating back when he was 1 or 2. When we both sit back together sometimes we talk about our past, he would tell me how things were very cheap and in a Rupee you could purchase whole load of stuff. He would tell me about our relatives whom I could not see. My Father in his Childhood was pretty independent, the place where I was born and most of his Childhood was spent Deoband once he went on his own and got admission in his School.

He was born in a small Village Called Tikola which is near to Roorkee, but the nearest town to Tikola was Deoband so he used to come alongside my Grand Father to Deoband many times. At that time Deoband looked a big city to him as this was the biggest place he had ever been to. There was electricity he could see Bulbs showering lights everywhere, markets,Toys and sweets to eat. 

There is one particular incident that he has told me often of his Childhood which I would like to share with you today.

I guess he would have been 3 or 4 years Old at that time, he came to Deoband with my Grand Father, As my Grand Father had some work he left my Father at a Photographer's studio stating him he would return soon. That Photographer must be a known person to my Grand Father.My Father waited for him reluctantly but as time grew he became impatient and started to feel insecure, I can understand what his feeling would have been at that time even at this age when I left my home I felt like to cry and return at my home and he was just a toddler at that time. Tears started pouring from his eyes - seeing my impatient Father Photographer tried to console him and with an instrument[ which I don't remember] which he made it look like a Telephone he made a fake call to my GrandFather that " Masterji your Son is missing you and please come early he is waiting for you ". Some sanity prevailed and my Father got bit relaxed , within no time my Grand Father arrived there and they returned to their village and my Father thought it was because of that call my Grand Father returned early.

Many other people would relate to this story as well, when I was a child myself the biggest fear of myself would be what would happen if I get lost or lose my family. I would not allow my Father to board out of train when our family was on any journey thinking what would happen if train left without him but he would still go out at most of the stations when there was a halt, I could also have gone out with him but then I preferred to stay with my Mom and Sister thinking what would happen if train left without my Father and me leaving my Mom and Sister alone.

As I live alone here in Pune without my Family I tend to think more about my Family and then these kind of instances come to my mind. Which I better jolt down here.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Leaving Home for a new Place

Its been a long time I have posted any of my updates here, last time when I came here I was in Delhi but now I have moved to a different place - Pune. Arti from MyYatraDiary asked me few days ago where I have been ? - I replied I need some inspiration to write here maybe I have to read her Blog.

The new working place has a great initiative that they provide you Books to read[ have a large collection like Flipkart] without paying a penny to them, the first Book I had chosen is The Biography Of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. As I am going through it I had this sudden urge of writing again and here I am back again and hopefully for sometime.

Leaving home was difficult for me, never lived without my family. 30th of June 2013 I boarded Rajdhani Express to Mumbai with heavy heart. My Parentt, Sister and little Niece came to see me off. As the departure time came near I told my family to leave[they were more emotional then me]. I kept standing at the gate of my Coach as they left with waiving hands , I came back to my seat after that and sat, the guy sitting in front of me asked straightforward to me that are you leaving your home first time ? Maybe he sensed something in my eyes.

Train started moving and I called my Father to ask have they left station ? He told me they again came back to see me but the train had left, that made me feel very very sad. 

But then I consoled myself that everything would be fine as  I always do, It was my first stint in the Rajdhani Express which I had purposefully booked as I would get Chance to travel in it also I would have kept my steps on soil of Mumbai too although I was bound to Pune.

The person sitting in front of  me started conversing with me and I with him, we both exchanged where we were heading to, he was from Chandigarh and was working with an IT MNC in Mumbai. I chatted a lot  with him and also asked how it is like to live without your family. Time passed very well with that guy.

As I was going Pune to join the new organization I had all my certificates and education documents in my backpack[ purposefully kept there]. As I went to sleep I kept that backpack of mine with me, I even wrapped its straps around my hand so that no body could snatch it from me.

During night I remembered the train passed through Rajastan and Gujarat, never been to Gujarat [another state added in my visit, well kindof :) ] Waking up early in the morning it was raining outside and we were somewhere in Maharashtra. Arrival time of train at Mumbai was around 10 am. I could  see Coconut trees outside  meaning  coast was near somewhere. The terrain looked very different from what we are supposed to see in our northern part.

I could see water everywhere even boats too and rivers that were going towards sea, even some of the coastal areas could also be seen. As time passed I could see Mumbai local trains passing on the parallel tracks. People looked bit different like we see in Television typical Maharashtrian.

We were passing through some suburbs of Mumbai and the scenery outside there was very sad and depressing [ as at most train tracks]. Deep down in my senses I started to ask questions to myself - Can I survive here where nobody knows me ? How I will adjust without my family ? again this made me  like crying and going back. But I have to again console myself. 

I could see stations passing where I have never been before but I have heard most of their names Santa Cruz, Bhayangar , Dadar, Borivili, Andheri and many more suburbs of Mumbai. Finally Mumbai Central came where I had to get down. I stepped out of the train looked all around with my luggage and moved on to find a taxi to Dadar from where I will be taking bus to Pune.

Moment I got myself into the taxi I felt little better and fixed myself to its windows and focused my eyes to what some people call City of Dreams.

I will continue to jolt down my experiences here in Coming Posts :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moving On

Its been a while since last time I ventured here, looks like it was four months back I posted here. I have written somewhere here that Blogging is a tough task, you need to be regular and determined to continue it. Last few months were little difficult for me but looks like life will again be on track in coming days and hopefully I will again start updating my Blog frequently.

I have completed 2 years and 3 months here in Delhi [in this stint] and in this current job , I have enjoyed every bit of my life here, for me it was and still is the best place to live in. 

Now its time for me to move on, this week will be my last working week here and I'll be moving on to a different place around thousand five hundred kms from here. Unfortunately I will also be leaving my family and comforts here in Delhi too. 

Throughout my life in my schooling, College and work I have never left my family, actually I don't know how it feels to live without my family, I know it will be a bit difficult for me initially but hopefully I would get used to it.

As I am leaving my current job, the laptop on which I am writing these lines will also be returned back to my company and I don't own one for me, so this will be my last post from this laptop [ hopefully I will get one at my next working place].

Though I am bit sad leaving Delhi but I am very excited about my  new working place which is in Pune, I have never been to that part of the world but only have heard some good things about it. 

What bothers me is food, when comes to eating I am only accustomed to north Indian food, there is more to it though - in my family my Father and I do not eat Garlic or meals prepared with it, here in north India it is very easy to get Garlic free meals but I know when I'll live in Pune I'll not have much choice. When I lived 5 years in Betul (M.P.) I had hardly eaten anything outside of my home as Garlic was used in most of the meals outside. I know its very strange of me and many of my friends find it quite odd but I just can't handle it[ what more I am the only person in my family who don't eat raw Onion too ].

I hope I'll be exploring Pune and its near by places as I reach and settle there and will be sharing my experiences here with you, till then Good Bye and watch for this space.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Good Old Days - I

I could say four years that I spent in my College in Meerut were best years of my life. After doing one year preparation for Engineering entrance exam and then getting not so good rank didn't left much options for me, I decided to grab a place in a College which was located in my city which would save some money and I would also get chance to live with my Family and in my own house.

I made some good friends in College time and Manish is still there with me[you will find him in many of my posts and regular in comment section]. I had many memories of my College time and now have decided to pen some of them here.

I was always at ease when it comes to my College, only two times I used to be nervous every year first at the time of exams and second when result used to be announced. As we had semester system therefore twice in a year we used to give exams, for them we had to visit some other College [like in School boards]. After exams we used to get about a month of holiday which was well spent at my Dada Dadi or at Nani's place, then after coming back to College talks regarding result used to creep in making me tense what would happen ?

I guess it was my Second year in College and result of fourth semester was about to come anytime, there was one Paper of "Electromagnetic Field Theory" which didn't went well[not only for me but for everyone], Passing marks were just 30 from total of 100, I had question paper with me and daily I used to calculate how much I could score, I always came with conclusion that if there would be lenient checking I would just pass otherwise there were definitely chances of me ending up on the wrong side.

Finally the D day arrived, at the time of evening I got a call from one of my Classmate that  result is announced, he couldn't clear that exam sadly but when I asked him about my result he said he had seen my result but he did not remember whether I passed or not, when I inquired him about my other friends he told their result to me[most of them failed too], now pressure was high on me, this friend of  mine who called me remembers the result of my other friends but how could he forgot mine ? Surely I failed too and he was hesitating to reveal that.

Suddenly my palms became warm as if heat was emanating from them I felt as if everything was revolving around me I was unable to walk properly, heart was pounding like hell, seeing me my mother asked what happened - I told result is out, she told me to check it on the net, at that time we used to have a Reliance WLL phone and I would use Internet after connecting my system with that phone.

Hearing about this my Sister along with my mother came with me to check my result, I switched on my system and connected it with Internet, I had already told my mother that most of the students of my Class had failed,[I could be one too] checking was very hard, maybe after hearing this she will not mind much if I fail too[was trying to save myself from aftereffects] suddenly phone rang and to my surprise my Father was on the line[he was posted in Gorakhpur at that time I guess], so now whole of my family was waiting for my result to arrive.

It took sometime for the website to load[understand speed of net at that time], at last caption came in to put in my rollno, with the name of God I entered my rollno and pressed submit button, I was just looking for one word "Pass" [to hell with the marks] and it was there I got passed, told my family I passed and same was communicated to my Father too on the line,I could not believe I passed, I was able to convince them marks did not mattered much as most students could not pass that exam. I got lowly 31 marks just got cleared by one mark[surely checker was good to me]

Now until next exams which were some four months away I would again be at ease in my college, although I was feeling about my friends who couldn't make it and how I was very lucky to be on the other side.As I passed my College I cleared all exams even got a Job before leaving College[to which I was not called afterwards] but then now I have got that it doesn't matter much if you fail or pass, many of my Classmates who failed most of the time in exams who didn't get any job offers are now doing fairly well in their lives now, even most of them are way better than me.

From my Personal experience I would say your School and College days are best for you,yes you must study but it should not be your primary concern, you must enjoy your time,develop confidence, do new things because when you pass your College and start working you'll always think about that time and how you could get that time back[I daily think about it]. 

My Father never forced me to study, he would be the person who would say me to not to go School if I didn't want to someday,I would do say for my kids, I see parents forcing their kids to study all the time and get higher percentage[this will not work].

In coming days I'll write some more posts about my Pre working era  :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Favorite Tweeples

Twitter is one Social Network that is different from all others that I have come across over the period of time, most of the people have their account on Twitter but often they just dump it after using it a little - reason they don't have any personal friends there and also you need to do some hardship to start with Twitter.

Now Twitter is like second home for me [ not a good thing though], you can lock me for a month with just an internet connection on my phone and I will live with it happily[its this crazy]

Today I will write only a single line about best Tweeples on my Twitter timeline, you can write essays about a person but to describe them in a single line trust me is very hard.  

I follow about  500 people on Twitter but these selected ones are gems on my timeline some follow me and some do not but you can follow them with eyes shut. There may be some whom I have missed in this list I owe an apology to them[ will add them later]

Here are them in no particular order -  

Chris Hadfield ‏ @Cmdr_Hadfield - Daily pictures right from Space 

Arti ‏ @artisdiary - Get Free Chance to do Virtual Yatras with her 

Aditya Mittal ™© ‏ @adiratan - All things Sports 

Nilesh Govindrajan ‏ @nileshgr - Best Newbie on my Timeline 

Nikhil Pai ‏ @nikhilpai - Android Messiah

Akshath Rocky ® ‏ @Akshath_Rocky - Biggest Android fan without any Android device, soon getting best Android Phone.

Neeraj Vohra ‏ @neerajvohra - Eat drink Sleep Gadgets

mobileyog ‏ @mobileyog - Love Conversing with him

Shiv Aroor ‏ @ShivAroor - Indian Army News at one place

Pritam Kumar Sinha ‏ @BihariBritish - Best Retweeter

ravish kumar ‏ @ravishndtv - Best Hindi Tweeter with difference

Manish Rajora ‏ @ManishRajora - Person I can't live without on Twitter

Abhishek Bhardwaj ‏ @Abhishekwebin - Youngest Geek.

Bagrat ‏ @bagrat15 - Highly Opiniated

Shiraz Hassan ‏ @ShirazHassan - Most popular Pakistani on Twitter amongst Indians

Akar Gosrani ‏ @akargosrani - Person who Retweets me most

Mohammad Tajim ‏ @tajim - My Favorite Nepali Person and tech troubleshooter for me

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