Sunday, August 21, 2011

While Someone Fasts What you Can do from your side

Whole Country is supporting Anna today as he fasts to eradicate Corruption from our Country, While I don't question him and his teams intentions but neither do support the the way they have taken out.

Corruption is not a thing that started recently its from ages in our society and now very deeply rooted in it hence it will not vanish by a click or something. I don't think there is a person reading this post who have not been part of this menace directly or indirectly. So to remove it from our society every single of us have to contribute individually.

What we are lacking is a disciplined life we don't follow much rules rather I hear things like rules are meant to be broken which makes me unhappy. What we can do is to make some changes in our lifestyle start doing things that we have stopped doing.

Today I will point out some of the things that I have started doing in my life , they are very simple to follow and If we could instill those in our routine it will surely make some positive change in our society and while following them we should make them known to our near and dear ones and encourage them to start doing themselves.

Whenever you eat something that have any wrapper or cover or something that is left after consuming it please put the waste thing in the dustbin nearby or if its not present simply put it in your pocket or in your bag if you have it. Its just not eatables but everything that is left with some waste material. Like don't be shy in putting Ice Cream wrapper in your pocket after consuming it rather you are doing some generous cause.

When moving on your Vehicle outside never cross a Red light even if the road is deserted and the Vehicle on your back is honking on you. That Red light means to stop so you must stop at it. People will say nice things to you while you stand on empty road but continue to wait as it turns green eventually they will feel ashamed and might start following you.

While waiting for a Bus a train or any transport mode first let all the passengers come out of it and then only proceed to enter it and that too in first come first basis if someone who is standing after you is going first gently remind him and if he throws some nice words on you just smile towards him mutely making eye contact with him. Amongst other people at that time even if one person learns it you have only gained something.

Never pay a single penny to a Beggar. Every single money that you earn should not be used to help somebody who is not doing any work. Remember how poor or physically restricted you are you could still earn a living by hard work. Feeding a beggar would only make him learn that money could be earned without hardwork, its a fact that there are more beggars in our country than any other they only bring shame to our country.

When using water in your day to day life never waste it, close the tap after taking water same goes for electricity too, remember today we are having ample quantity of water but it would not be same ten year hence. In our country electricity is made mainly using Coal which is a fossil fuel and it takes millions of years to make it but seconds to turn it into ashes. Also when travelling near by give rest to your vehicle and use your legs when going to not so near places try to use public transport.

Never feel ashamed to apologize if you have done something wrong,  what it will do is that you will be saved from coming onslaught and your image will improve in others eyes and you will become a better human being.

Lastly stop paying bribes for any of your work I know I have also payed it many times but what has happened has happened start a new day and stop paying bribes. Educate your children to follow rules and correct them everytime.

I just thought to write a post about these points, remember all things that I have said are very easy to follow, they may not change the world also may not change anybody but still persist with them you will feel sense of satisfaction. For you nation should always be the top priority, don't blame the govt. everytime for everything just start doing a bit for your nation.

These are the points that I am following now many I have forgotten too please feel free to comment how you are doing a bit for your society it would only help : )

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Will be Back Soon

Its been around 5 months that I haven't posted anything here on my beloved blog, time has changed a lot I have moved on to my new job which is a pleasant change for me but I have also lost my laptop which I have to return as I resigned to my last job. But the biggest offender is me as my laziness has not left me still I mean I could have made time for my blog still.

Now I have purchased this new Android phone which was my dream for so long, I am testing it daily and learning new things by it too. I'll try to use it for blogging I know this phone can not replace a Computer but still I can update my blog with it daily.

And I have this Official App of Blogger for Android which I am using it right now to write this post, I will take time to get used to it and will get to learn every aspects of it as I continue to use it and write post with it here.

I see options of posting pics also here which I will try when I come here to write my next post. Also I have to change whole look and feel of the blog as I see some very nice blogs these days.

Ironically as I have not posted for so months the traffic to blog has increased by more than double thanks to Google page rank also some of my posts are doing well and are being reflected on the top of Google searches.

I will come back soon here and will be regular and this I have started by writing this post until then watch this space

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