Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year it was - 2011

I have been thinking of writing a year ending post since past week, time went by and because of work and my laziness I am here on the last day of this year writing this post. So as I am typing this line I don't have any idea what to write here. Just went through Karthicks New year post okay now I have some sort of knowledge what to write here.

During the start of the year I started preparing to get new Job as nothing was happening where I was working and I wanted to leave it for good. I was trying but was not sure whether I would be successful or not then came March 12[hope I am not wrong with the date] and I went for the interview, went well and few days after I got confirmation that they are interested in me. April 6[I am sure about this date] I joined my new workplace with apprehensions in my mind but little did I knew that It would be of my liking.

I was having this Sony Ericsson W200i phone since September 2007[my first phone] gifted by my Father and over the course of time phones have evolved a lot and you have smart phones now Android,Windows Phone, Symbians blah blah blah so I also started saving to have a smart phone of my own. In between I thought why should I waste so much of money for just a talking device but then I thought It was need of the hour and with few pushes from Manish I finally bought Samsung Galaxy Ace in August[4 years after my first phone] and whatever time I have spent with it have been[ummm sorry I don't have a word to express, its been very nice].

On the blogging front blog crossed 50k page views on October 2, second year of this blog and I have not written half of the post that I wrote last year[part of my laziness] although traffic on the blog has not decreased. Changed the template of my blog made it of minimal design[inspired by Shiraz Hassan blog]. I have came across many blogs this year most of them write very well, I try to comment on every blog I visit[unfortunately not everyone comment back]. There is a travel blog My Yatra Diary [One of the best around] run by Arti,  
this blog I visit regularly and is a must visit and I have learnt a lot by style of her blogging. What I have experienced about blogging is that you have to be patient and regular and everything else will follow back. As now I have an Ok kinda Camera with me all the time[My phone] and I live in this beautiful city Delhi I try to click some pics, what do I do with them ? I started one photo blog[link] and post them there.

Twitter my favorite place is still going on for me. Those who are there know what fun it is, you have each information there before any medium. Made many new friends on twitter and continued interacting with old mates[No I am not going to #FF anyone]. I had fights with my Best Buddy Manish on twitter which I cherish most and awaits for the next one as soon I finish one. To all the people who are wasting there time on Facebook >>>>>> mate you are missing something[and better be there only]. Okay not a #FF but just wanted to refer about Amit and Pritam while the former is a great Friend and Colleague latter is a twitter friend and once I met him accidently in #delhimetro both are very nice.

On the financial front as I joined this new workplace I got little more money then the previous one, but the expenditure has increased too so as I write this post my Bank Balance has decreased to the last year at the same time[and I am still unmarried]. I never had thought of earning grand I just want that much which would keep my family happy[and I don't know how much will keep them happy].

At last I would like to Pen down what I expect of the coming year. I always wanted to earn something from the Internet[now I am getting  greedy] don't know why maybe I have some kinda fear what would happen If I lose my job ? What would I want to purchase this New Year ? [let me think.............] okay so after a deep thought I want a Tee with my blogs domain and my Twitter handle on it [actually I want separate one for both]. Also I have this one wish for so long to learn a language[other than Hindi and English] now which language it would be ? I have thought about it - Urdu it is - I understand it a little but reading is the issue - I would take the help of my Paternal Uncle who had learnt it by his own[lets see If I could learn it]. Lastly I want to be more disciplined in my life[hardest of all] and in the coming Olympics I want India to win atleast 10 medals[second hardest thing].

And till then watch this space ................ 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Default Window XP Wallpaper Bliss - Where did it came from ?

I have been thinking about it from sometime and searching on net but don't know why I always forgot about it whenever I come online. What am I talking about ? I bet you have seen it too , its the default XP desktop wallpaper called Bliss. So I began my search on net and now I am here to reveal most of the things in front of you.

This Picture was clicked by Charles_O'Rear    who  happens to be an American Photographer but as he is having Irish name many people thought that he clicked this picture somewhere in Europe but actually this picture belongs to California United States and to be precise Sonoma County.



As you see in the default Picture it looks surreal and below you see the same place but with absolutely different look, there are two reason behind it one after O'Rear clicked this pic the area was converted into a Vineyard and Second when the XP Pic was clicked it was that window of season when everything is green and majestic.

I searched a little and got some other pics of the same area. Below are three of them.

This Picture best resembles the Original One

Inside Vineyard

Now as you have technology by your side and with the advent of Google Street View you can have a 360 degree view of the complete place. JW Van Wessel got the actual coordinates[38.248966, -122.410269 copy paste them in Google Maps] of the place and you can go to Google Maps and see the place by yourself. This is what I did and got some pics for you. 

Image by Google Steet View1

Image by Google Street View2

I guess you must have liked the short story about this pic : )


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