Monday, November 26, 2012

My View on Indian Political System

Its a long pending request from my Best Friend Manish to write a post about my thoughts on Politics in India but I was ducking it as I have not  written much about Politics on my Blog yet. Me and Manish had lots of differences on this issue and in past had many altercations too but everytime we have agreed to disagree.

In my view Politics is not a profession but a service towards your nation. Anyone who is active in politics should work for the benefit of people and must not expect anything for him/herself from it. Over the period of times we have seen some very committed Politicians but as time have passed such Politicians have become a rarity.

Although we have thousands of Political parities in nation but in mainstream Politics only two Political Parties have the Capability to rule the nation - Congress and BJP, I write " rule " as this is what is actually happening to us. 

This is the second term of Congress led UPA govt. which we obviously had chosen. We have a silent PM who is representing us to the whole world, as the leader of this country we expect majority of decisions to be taken by him but it doesn't seems so. If you'll look at the leaders of some developed countries like US,UK,France,Germany or any other for the record most of them have not yet crossed 60 in their age and here we have an 80 year old. Our New Foreign Affair minister was elected at a time when he was facing some grave corruption charges. Minister of Communication has been very critical of our right to speech. One exception was our last Petroleum Minister who by many was considered cleanest of the politicians but then he was demoted to a lower ministry as he was critical of working of a big Petroleum giant of our Country. What I am trying to highlight is first we have been ruled by not so able politicians and if someone is there who is honest and committed to his work their wings are curtailed if they try to stop any wrong doing.

I personally like Politicians who criticizes less about other parties and concentrate on their work more. When elections comes rather stating what they will do most of the Politicians will point out what the other party/leader has not done, for example in the last UP state elections Rahul Gandhi was very critical of other parties, as he came on the stage from its start to end the summary of the speech would be negativity about other parties and I was not surprised by the result after the elections.

As most of us are fed up of the current govt. we look for an alternative and only one that comes to our mind is BJP. It has some clean leaders[I think so] like Arun Jaitley,Sushma Swaraj in its lot and may lead us in better way. Present president of the Party looks like will get second consecutive term as president which was not in their constitution but have heard they will amend it for him. More than a politician he looks like a corporate Businessmen to me. There have been some serious charges on him but party is supporting him, those who are coming out against him from the party are being suspended by the party.What they are not aware of is that it will not do any good to them in coming general elections. Last time in general elections BJP won few hundred seats but to make govt. they will need to get double of that count[not sure how they will achieve it]. 

Present world is a global world, you need to work together. As we don't have everything with ourselves to serve us we import many things from outside same ways we export to other countries what they don't have. More people/Companies of our Country work in outside world at this time compared to past. BJP has out and out criticized govt. for their decision on FDI in retail which in past they had supported. I am afraid if you'll not allow the world to come here they'll not allow us to go there. Now if BJP comes to power in next elections it would be interesting to know their take on FDI.

We are the biggest nation in the Subcontinent and is surrounded by many small poor nations who looks on us but we have thoroughly neglected them. Its a say if you want to live peacefully you must have good relations with your neighbors. We have been looking east,towards Africa but not towards our neighbors. Nepal,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Sri Lanka, Myanmar,Bhutan are our nearest neighbors. Except Bhutan we are not friendly with anyone. China who is our biggest rival is looking into this and will do anything to destabilize us. This is what foreign policy of our govt. is to which I think it needs to look into it soon.

Besides Congress and BJP their is possibility of third front which could comprise parities like SP,TMC,BSP and left but history has shown it could be disastrous for the country if third front comes to power. But if Congress or BJP could not form govt. third front will have a chance which will bring instability to the nation. I Just pray no such kinda condition arises in future.

In between all this dull moments there is a small ray of hope. A small committed group of people who are not politicians but common people like us have stepped in the field of Politics to bring a change. Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) has just came in the foray of Politics which boast of bringing a change. I personally is excited about it. But I know it will not be easy for them, when Congress and BJP were formed they also had honest politicians but then we know what happened to both parties. I would not be surprised if they fall out and end up nowhere, but still we need to give them a Chance. Also to us we should not expect them to win next general elections right away, what AAP should do is to first make their presence felt in the grass roots of this system. Start working from the root level and then make their way upwards in political system. They have shown us a parallel Political system and I wish in long term they'll become successful in bringing such a system, but the journey would be very difficult for them.

           Be the Change that you wish to see in the World  
                                                            - Mahatma Gandhi

Lastly I would like to end with the above thought of Mahatma Gandhi, the society we have is the very reflection  of us. No Country is better than the citizens resides in it. We can curse our political system but till the time we do not become disciplined,honest and change ourselves and start following rules we should not expect any change.




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