Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rajiv Gandhi - Some Unseen Pics

It was August 14 yes Independence day of our neighbouring country when in afternoon we decided to venture out in Delhi . I have always been fascinated by the time that has gone by or when I was  not born so the place should be which could fulfill my this desire. We decided to visit Teen Murti Bhawan and Indira Smriti where Pioneers of our Political History spent their life.

Although we visited both of the places today here I will post some of the pics that I clicked at Indira Smriti particularly of the compound where Rajiv Gandhi lived. As I am a no experience Photographer you may not like their quality but what they portray you may like. When you enter the Indira Smriti you'll be first get frisked by Delhi Police Constables who on the contrary happened to be very nice.

The place is very quiet from the outside and well maintained, its not a huge one taking into consideration that two of the iconic political leader of our country lived here. The first part that you get to see is all devoted to Indira Gandhi. It contains not so big rooms which are very highly illuminated with clear white lights, what you get to see are pictures and pictures of Indira Gandhi from her Childhood till the time of her death.

Let me now come to Rajiv Gandhi's compound which starts as you finish Indira's compound , I don't find anything different but it was very heartening to see pics of Rajiv with his little Brother(Sanjay) and Grand Father(Jawahar lal Nehru) , never seen pics of him. 

I still remember when one morning in 1991 I was still in my sleep at my Birthplace Deoband(U.P) when suddenly my Grand Mother came crying that Rajiv Gandhi was  no more, it was a shock to the whole country as a young Prime Minister who was loved by everyone was no more and now I was at the same place where he spent his most of the time.

Its time I let the pictures do talking and shut up.

Kid Rajiv

Rajiv and Sanjay(Upside down)

Rajiv with his infant Brother Sanjay


Rajiv with Jawahar lal Nehru

Rajiv a teenager 
Cap Of Pilot Rajiv

Famous Toshiba Laptop of Rajiv

Rajiv Gheored by Crowd

Remains of Rajiv's Cloth when he died of Bomb Blast

Lotto shoes and Socks of Rajiv that he was wearing before his death

          pyre of Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi could be seen in the background

So how did you liked them ? If you are in 
and around Delhi a visit at this place will be
a nice experience. The best way to reach 
Indira Smriti is to take the Delhi Metro 
Yellow line and get down at Race Course
station from where you can walk down to it.


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