Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Favorite Tweeples

Twitter is one Social Network that is different from all others that I have come across over the period of time, most of the people have their account on Twitter but often they just dump it after using it a little - reason they don't have any personal friends there and also you need to do some hardship to start with Twitter.

Now Twitter is like second home for me [ not a good thing though], you can lock me for a month with just an internet connection on my phone and I will live with it happily[its this crazy]

Today I will write only a single line about best Tweeples on my Twitter timeline, you can write essays about a person but to describe them in a single line trust me is very hard.  

I follow about  500 people on Twitter but these selected ones are gems on my timeline some follow me and some do not but you can follow them with eyes shut. There may be some whom I have missed in this list I owe an apology to them[ will add them later]

Here are them in no particular order -  

Chris Hadfield ‏ @Cmdr_Hadfield - Daily pictures right from Space 

Arti ‏ @artisdiary - Get Free Chance to do Virtual Yatras with her 

Aditya Mittal ™© ‏ @adiratan - All things Sports 

Nilesh Govindrajan ‏ @nileshgr - Best Newbie on my Timeline 

Nikhil Pai ‏ @nikhilpai - Android Messiah

Akshath Rocky ® ‏ @Akshath_Rocky - Biggest Android fan without any Android device, soon getting best Android Phone.

Neeraj Vohra ‏ @neerajvohra - Eat drink Sleep Gadgets

mobileyog ‏ @mobileyog - Love Conversing with him

Shiv Aroor ‏ @ShivAroor - Indian Army News at one place

Pritam Kumar Sinha ‏ @BihariBritish - Best Retweeter

ravish kumar ‏ @ravishndtv - Best Hindi Tweeter with difference

Manish Rajora ‏ @ManishRajora - Person I can't live without on Twitter

Abhishek Bhardwaj ‏ @Abhishekwebin - Youngest Geek.

Bagrat ‏ @bagrat15 - Highly Opiniated

Shiraz Hassan ‏ @ShirazHassan - Most popular Pakistani on Twitter amongst Indians

Akar Gosrani ‏ @akargosrani - Person who Retweets me most

Mohammad Tajim ‏ @tajim - My Favorite Nepali Person and tech troubleshooter for me

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