Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moving On

Its been a while since last time I ventured here, looks like it was four months back I posted here. I have written somewhere here that Blogging is a tough task, you need to be regular and determined to continue it. Last few months were little difficult for me but looks like life will again be on track in coming days and hopefully I will again start updating my Blog frequently.

I have completed 2 years and 3 months here in Delhi [in this stint] and in this current job , I have enjoyed every bit of my life here, for me it was and still is the best place to live in. 

Now its time for me to move on, this week will be my last working week here and I'll be moving on to a different place around thousand five hundred kms from here. Unfortunately I will also be leaving my family and comforts here in Delhi too. 

Throughout my life in my schooling, College and work I have never left my family, actually I don't know how it feels to live without my family, I know it will be a bit difficult for me initially but hopefully I would get used to it.

As I am leaving my current job, the laptop on which I am writing these lines will also be returned back to my company and I don't own one for me, so this will be my last post from this laptop [ hopefully I will get one at my next working place].

Though I am bit sad leaving Delhi but I am very excited about my  new working place which is in Pune, I have never been to that part of the world but only have heard some good things about it. 

What bothers me is food, when comes to eating I am only accustomed to north Indian food, there is more to it though - in my family my Father and I do not eat Garlic or meals prepared with it, here in north India it is very easy to get Garlic free meals but I know when I'll live in Pune I'll not have much choice. When I lived 5 years in Betul (M.P.) I had hardly eaten anything outside of my home as Garlic was used in most of the meals outside. I know its very strange of me and many of my friends find it quite odd but I just can't handle it[ what more I am the only person in my family who don't eat raw Onion too ].

I hope I'll be exploring Pune and its near by places as I reach and settle there and will be sharing my experiences here with you, till then Good Bye and watch for this space.

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