Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plight of A Mighty River !

Whenever Haridwar goes through my mind the first thing i look after is River Ganga. I have been there many times and i always relishes dipping my feet into river Ganga. No matter how much you are tired but when your feet go down into it the tiredness extinguishes automatically.

But can this feeling be same at Allahabad where Ganga reaches after flowing hundreds of Kilometers ? I guess the answer is no. River Ganga as comprised of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers have first encounter to this real world at RishiKesh, the atmosphere there is awesome as giant River flows with a very fast flow.

When i visited RishiKesh last time i was told about many places to visit there but none other than Ganga would have fancied me. It was so nice to sit at one of the ghats there and see it flow so smoothly.But  then there were few people who were relinquishing Mangoes more then the river and were throwing the Mango Seeds and its Chilka in the river.

Then Ganga reaches Haridwar where you see lots of people taking dip in it.When you enter Haridwar you see lots of Hotels,Dharamshalas and people from every part of the country. Har ki Paudi is the place where everybody goes and encounters river Ganga. Offcourse people come here to take a dip and prays that their sins vanishes. Yes when they take bath their sins are washed away but what about their dirty clothes ? they also need to be washed and when wash it needs to be washed cleanly so they use RIN bar to do it and all the rinse goes to holy Ganga. So our Ganga has some new taste to it now.

After travelling about hundred km in Bijnore what you saw is Raeth being evacuated from our Holiest river. You see a change in colour of water its now little muddy. Not much people visit Ganga there hence not much pollutants are added there.

Then i have seen it in Garhmukteshwar there you will see lots of people as its the nearest point of River Ganga from our national Capital Delhi. Here you see as the water of river is standstill. I bet you will not like to take a dip here after seeing our holiest river there. The whole magic of seeing Ganga as in Haridwar or RishiKesh just disappears here. Not much time you can spend here.

Then lastly i have seen Ganga in Allahabad. Allahabad being the junction where three rivers Ganga,Yamuna and Mandakini meets(Mandakini if someone has seen please tell me) is the place where biggest Kumbh Mela takes place. The best thing about Ganga here is that the colour of its water which is muddy is far better then Yamunas which is black in colour which somehow reminds you of any drain. After all as Yamuna flows in Delhi also and no Delhite would have gone  their for picnic at river Yamuna as what you see there is Froth and lots of Froth. When i placed my feet in River Ganga there the feelings were not at all same as i had in Haridwar.

In between Ganga would have gone through lots of pains but it still flows despite all of the atrocities that we pound on her. But i don't have any idea till when it continues to flow as the condition does not look to good for it.

At this time India is Shining its Incredible India but our Govt. has forgotten why this country is so Incredible or why its shining.

Just to tell you at last, London one of the most famous cities of the world also have a river which flows through its heart, there was one day when its water was dirty and polluted but because of the will of that country now River Thames is flowing with all glory again.


  1. Thanks for the kind words.
    Ur appreciation drives me to write more and some useful things.

  2. u r blog looks cool. Btw the photo u added in this post is really nice. I heard tat tey leave the dead bodies to float on the river ganga.. U dint mention abt tat??

  3. Very rightly said, yes they leave dead bodies to float on river Ganga also and they add to its contamination.
    Many people burn dead bodies on the ghats and they just put the half burnt bodies into River, you can imagine how much pure water of Ganga is.

  4. Dear Abhishek,you have rightly put the plight of our 'holy' river.Idont know what progress govt's Nirmal Ganga Abhiyaan has done or its one of those greener pastures for the politicians & contractors.

  5. I don't see any work been done by our govt. for our holiest river Ganga.
    For tourism purpose may be they have done something but as far as for making Ganga cleaner nothing has been done.
    But thanks for dropping here and for commenting.


  7. Sorry Friend this link is not working.


  9. Something has to be done quickly to "save" Ganga....
    Good job Abhishek for pointing out Ganga's "plight".

  10. This report is very detailed, will comment on it after reading it full.

  11. Ya we need to do something.
    And i thought the best we could do is to make people aware of it, thatswhy written this post.

  12. nicw post buddy,.....hey dude where is ur follow me option i need to follow u....

  13. Sorry friend i have not put Follow me widget on my blog.
    You could bookmark my blog or simply if you are on Twitter you could follow me at
    Well yours is very nice blog too.
    Thanks for commenting here.

  14. dear,u wrote a cool article but at allahabad,river yamuna is much more pure and beautiful and has much more water as compared to river ganga!!!!!!!!!!
    And dear yamuna`s colour is not black here!!!u swapped the word yamuna and ganga in ur blog i think!!

  15. Bhai what i remembered when i went there was Yamunas water was Black and Gangas was little muddy.
    I don't know whats the present colour.
    See this link of wikimapia
    where on the left hand side is Yamuna and on right is Ganga. Here at Sangam you could see Yamunas water has darkish tinge as compared to Gangas.
    As you must have seen in Delhi and Agra the colour of Yamuna is completely black and very pathetic.
    Yes Yamuna could have more water there.

  16. Awesome blog! I think some guys at IIT kanpur are trying to do something about the ganga.

  17. Thanks Kinshuk for liking the blog.
    Technical Knowledge from IITians could help in saving Ganga.

  18. Good one Abhishek,

    See if this helps!

  19. Thanks Anand !
    Oh yess your post was nice, will help me for sure.


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