Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delhi Metro - What a Fun !

Eversince the Delhi Metro has started its been a huge relief for Delhiites who have to commute by City Buses(Which are always filled beyond their capacities),Autos or Taxis unless they own their own Vehicle. As Metro is expanding the remote areas of Delhi will be easily accessible.
But why i am writing this post has nothing to do with the Relief that Delhi Metro has given to people for travelling purpose.
Give a thought and ask yourself whats the best thing you like while travelling in Metro ? hmm.. Its the lot of EyeCandies that u got to have a look at. Am i saying wrong ? Be true to yourself and reply.
As soon as you enter the Metro station the look out for EyeCandies starts. Firstly when you go for purchasing Token you enters a queue and start searching your target and if that target is nearer, you just prays\ for her company in your journey and possibility of an Eye clash.
Then again at the Boarding Queue at the Platform your eye start searching for your prey and i am sure there are plenty of options to chose from. As you board the train you want to get as close as possible may be a touch will satisfy you or the Beautiful fragrance coming from the near by Prey.
And when finally you are on the Train and you are running out of your luck to Capture any Beauty you just wait your fate to turn around at the next station.
Most of the times when you return at your place by Metro you have something to feel good upon, as this Delhi Metro has just not eased or comforted your travel but had given your Eyes something to look after every time you travel by it.

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