Friday, June 11, 2010

An Early Exit !

Birth and Death are both universal truth, while one knows when a Baby will born but during its lifetime Death is never predictable. Untimely death is what that really hurts a person. You get attached to a person and suddenly one day you came to know he is no longer present in this world. Then this thought arises why God has chosen that particular person who was so loved by us ?

Jatin Kanakia i considered was one of the top Comedy actors that we were having. You must all remember him for his role in Shrimanji Shrimatiji aired on DoorDarshan. What comic timing he was having. A daily dose of laughter was guaranteed. I guess all the characters in that serial Kokiee,Prema Malini,Dilruba,Gokhale could not have been on our lips if Keshav would not have been there. As the serial was going on and raising in popularity sudden demise of Jatin shocked everybody. One cannot believe that it happened but as he was not part of show any further it was confirmed. They say he died of Pancreatic Cancer and in his last days was still shooting. What great person he would be who worked until his last breath. Twelve years have passed since his death and people don't talk about him much but he still remains in everyones heart. What a person could not achieve in his whole life he claimed that in his short life span.

Sameways our very own Laddoo(from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun) Laxmikant Berde a jubilant personality a Marathi actor to start from who was as lovable as Jatin Kanakia died when he was doing wonderful work.His role in Rajshree Productions Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun where in both films he acted as faithful servant were highly acclaimed. He died of Kidney Failure.

Then came the news of Steve Irwin which was a complete shock. We used to see him daily on Crocodile Hunter what courageous person he was. He with his Wife and children formed a great family and one day when i was leaving for my college in the morning i picked up the newspaper and got the news about his tragic death. For full day i could not believe the news and it took lot of time to sunk in. Why this happens nobody knows.

Latest Entry to the list is Nirmal Pandey. A person with great acting skills. I Guess for the role that he played in Bandit Queen he will be long remembered. They say he was was going for the screening of his latest film Lahore when he died of Heart Attack,he was 48.

These good people making an Early Exit may not have lived their life to the extent that they would have wanted to but surely what they were brought here for they have succeeded in that.


  1. Superb selection. I miss the very same people. Sad to see no sports person included. I was shocked to see Jatin Kanakia, myself a very big fan of shrimaan shrimati, was small, so watched it re-runs. Loved it! Appropriate names, I must say again.

  2. Ya i must have included some sport persons too.
    Hansie Cronje was a shocker very good captain,Ben Ben Hollioake same.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. All great losses to humanity.

  4. Yes JPK indeed a great loss.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Loved your post, Abhishek! Just few people like you still remember these lengedary people.. Hats off to them and you,as well!

  6. Hey Parth great to have you here !
    Ya they were great, still miss them.
    Thanks mate for the nice words.

  7. Juhi From Meerut77August 9, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    I liked this blog of yours. As u were so true. Even I was shocked about all of them they all seem so young n could deliver so many good performances. Infect few times before Nirmal’s death I heard Chup Tum Raho from his hit movie Iss Raat Ki Subh Nahi. N few days later I heard that he has died. Dam shocked.Aur ha I came to know about this post due to that LinkWithIn Widget, I posted. See how much useful it is for me and I am sure for u also.
    Thanks for yr comments on my blog and Good Luck.

  8. Juhi Thanks for coming again on my blog.
    Ya all these personalities were great in their field.
    Ya thanks to your post and Linkwithin you stumbled upon here on this post.
    Your blogs new look is very cool and you post on various good topics.
    Its good to get comments from a person who is also from my city Meerut.

  9. Reminded me of KeKu ... He was brilliant in SS

  10. Ya Keku was brilliant , i can't believe he is no more.
    Great Personality he was.

  11. I wish I could see it again ... is it coming on any channel now-a-days??

  12. No i haven't seen it now a days.
    I guess Sab TV should air it on their Channel.
    It is far better then the comedy serials that we are getting now a days.
    Meanwhile i was on your NKJ Live site it looked cool, that your site na ?

  13. yes, thats my site ... Thanks for visiting ... yes it should be aired on Mastiii, Shri Adhikari brothers new channel :)

  14. Really miss jatin kanaki. Guy was a legend.


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