Saturday, July 3, 2010

What was his Fault ?

As i was busy in my work since many days, it didn't gave me any chance to post on my blog. So today i am narrating you an incident which happened with me two days back.

As usual i left home for office at around 9:30 am in the morning after sleeping late till 9 am in the morning. I just took the Auto(here in my city Auto is a three wheeler where around 10 people can sit) which was half filled. I was busy in typing message from my Cell to my Boss and realised that Auto had stopped as some passenger has reached his destination.

The next thing what i heard was sound of a slap, i turn around and saw a man(in his mid 20s) slapping the Auto Driver(who was in early 20s) one after another without any sympathy. I was shocked to see this and shouted on the man "Issko Thappad kyun maar rahe ho?"(why are you slapping him) he replied instantly "Issne Auto se cut mara, mai apni Bike se marte marte bacha ! "(I nearly died  as this Auto Driver took a cut)
I replied that you didn't died na ? then now leave him, but to my surprise he slapped him again and said to me do whatever i will slap him and again gave him 4,5 slaps.

Me in shock could not have any answer to him, as the next target of him could be me also. The guy left the Auto Driver after verbally abusing him, and staring at me with his eyes as if saying to me that you tiny fellow keep quiet otherwise tyranny could fall on you.

Poor Auto Driver could not utter a single word to him, and all his fault was that a passenger wanted to get off the Auto and he stopped it on sideways and couldn't see the Mighty Biker who was coming behind the Auto. I was ashamed of myself that i could do nothing for the Poor man as i was afraid of that pathetic person who was brutally beating him.

But the dejected Auto Driver again continued driving his Auto as nothing has happened, may be he is used to this kind of brutality thats been forced upon him by people who still treat poor people like any other Animal. The Auto was moving on and soon i completed my journey and paid him 5 Rs(the auto charge), thats all he gets per passenger on one trip. He was unable to see in my eyes as i looked in his eyes , but his fault was nothing. 

I moved along and thought " what was his fault ? ", " How could have we helped him at that time ? ". But there were other people who were also on that Auto, why were they dumb ? They all knew that it was no big offence that  Auto Driver has committed, they could have raised their Voice with me, but they didn't. If all of us had called to that dirty human being in oneness, he could have got no chance to Slap Auto Driver, a single man could not withstand in front of so many people.

But that didn't happened, i guess its in our society now to just mind our own Business and be on the safer side. This will just increase confidence in these kind of people and they will continue to deal in these kind of deeds. This will result in a bigger gap between Poor and the Strong.

So, all those people who are reading this incident from now onwards please raise your voice against such cowardly acts and people like this Auto Driver will know that there is someone on their side also.


  1. Such incidents happen everywhere in this country but no one bothers

    Thanks for posting this blog and for your concern

  2. Ya Abid ! have seen many incidents like it,thats why decided to write this post.
    Whole world is looking at us and still such incidents happen.

  3. Dear,
    Whatever u wrote is right but it is only 99% correct!!
    Yeah, biker has no right to slap that man whether poor or rich but was that autodriver 100% innocent having no fault of him??
    No not at all!That biker do very wrong in the fit of anger but he may have seen his death just few min back!!
    I m gonna tell you the incident happened to me just 4 hours back.
    today around 9,i was walking alone on the sides of road in civil lines,suddenly a bike passed me too closely and too fast almost touching my hand that, if at that instant i hadn`t moved my body aside i could hav been fall on road.I remained shocked with mouth open for few seconds remembering what exactly happened.And surely yes,i would have slapped that boy if he would have stopped there but he didn`t.
    So dear whatever u said is correct,poor people is always harassed in india.
    Your case may be different,but for me that auto driver was also a bit guity and the temper shown by the boy simply indicate that he narrowly avoided the in a fit of anger he did this.
    yes he must not have slapped him ,exchange of words could have served the purpose.

  4. Bhai you the Auto speed here, and at that time it was not more than 20 kmph, if the guy would have collided with the Auto also no harm could have posed to him.
    As far as your incident same things happens here also but slapping somebody is never a solution and i know you would not have slapped him as i know you from many years.

  5. yeah i would not have slapped him, but surely use itna sunata ki yaad rakta,yaar 1 sec k liye hosh ud gaye the mere ki ye hua to kya hua!!

  6. we live in country where people r so selfish... they don't care about others. i've seen many incidents like this here. last week one of my friend was riding his bike. on the way, he has seen a mid aged man fallen down in mid of a road. he was hit by a car and the car had run away. his leg was broken and he was not able to move. he was surrounded by blood and still no one was helping him. my friend has called free ambulance service and has got him inside the ambulance. i appreciated my friend for his act. my friend was also very concerned about our people's attitude. i live in madurai (tamil nadu) and u live some where in north india, but people's attitude remain same. we people must change.

  7. same mere saath bhi hua h yeh, but man waiting for ur new post and when you post a comment here pls leave ur blogs url in required field, ur photograph post was amazing.

  8. So , we here in North and South are same !
    If we remain like this we could never be a great country, i don't think its changing soon.

  9. we r selfish, n v think tat some one will help ....even v think of helping in situations like these.. v r afraid

  10. we cant do anything where administration is so poor..............

  11. yup we r selfish ! Imagine what would have happen if we would have been on Auto Drivers side and no body would have come for help.

  12. Ya Administration should be good, but before administration comes its our duty to fight against what wrong is happening in and around us.

  13. very much shameful for us..... its our prime duty, as a citizen of our country we can't sit & see what's all goin on.... ya very much agreed wid ur thoughts dude....

  14. Thanks Deepak for sharing same thoughts and thanks for coming here.

  15. Interesting post brother, this is a common sight in our roads today. There is no point in telling that we people dont change, we are like that and we are like this. The change we need to see should come from us first. Everybody has a starting problem when it comes to reacting in public, all of us think that somebody else will take care of the situation. The fact is that if one of us, may be you or me in that situation would have shouted against that knuckle head biker definitely we would have gathered support in no time. If one starts shouting, within seconds crowd will gather like honeybee (thats India's speciality) and then you can see the difference. All you have to do is just press the choke...the engine will automatically start!

  16. pity on the auto driver... this has become such a common sight these days...

  17. You have pointed correctly that change should start from within, we have to change and set an example so that other could change too.
    I guess all the people who have read this most will move forward and will set an example next time if something happens like this.
    Thanks for Coming here Anto !

  18. Yupp Luxxxmii !
    Thanks for coming here.

  19. In a way you are right.
    Ya sure will visit your blog and post.

  20. seriously its not dere fault dat dey were born poor, i guess its our fault that we let dem stay poor...

    do visit my post and do promote it if you like it.. :)


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