Monday, June 14, 2010

How I Fared in Sports

Football World Cup has just started and people are going crazy about it(So do i !) , so i thought why not have a post with relation to sport. No i will not write about the Football World Cup, i know you guys have every knowledge regarding this. So where do i go ? What better to tell you about myself in Sports. Before starting I must tell you that i was no great Sportperson but i tried my best.
First few years of my life were spent in Meerut(about when i was 6,7 years old) all i know about sports was Poshampa Poshampa(The same girly game where we used to make a passage by holding hands by two persons and rest used to go under that passage) or playing with some Toys. I don't remember playing any Outdoor game at that time. As my school was not that big and no playgrounds there, sports was not entertained there all what i remember about that school is we used to roam around in corridorand then Principal Sir coming on to the Corridor and we taking an exit to our classes. At that time when i was in UKG students in Ist class appeared to very experienced guys.

Then we moved to Delhi, as my school was Big and having a good playground i first encountered Outdoor sports there same i got in my colony. Firstly as everybody i was inclined towards Cricket we had a group there and i soon began Captain of our team. In School for the first time i played i was handed the Ball to bowl first over(Some of my friends in my colony also studied at same school they must have told how good i play to my classmates). And i bowled the first ball, batsman came down and Wacked ! ball was in the air i called fo the catch and damn ! i dropped it. From that day i was not given any hype in my school. But there in School i played many games including Hockey,Football,Kho Kho. As i was very agile i always gave my 100 %. We used to play Gitte(a game played with marble cubes),Hide & Seek,run races in our colony. Started watching Cricket on TV and yes WWF(ya we call it WWE now) I was comfortble playing with leather ball at that time in Cricket.I continued to be a good sportsman in my colony but no luck in School. 

After passing 6th Grade we moved to Betul(a District in southern Madhya Pradesh). first thing i saw is that no body plays with Leather ball there they, play with Tennis balls. I thought it would be easy for me but here i get some seniors to play with and they will never give me chance to ball or bat in starting, all i got was last place in batting and few ball to ball. Anyhow i could not make any impression and same continued in my School. One thing everybody used to admire me was of my fielding skills in Cricket. So i thought why not try my hands on Football. And there was Football tournament in our school. Everybody was told that in evening practice session will be organised and from them players will be chosen. I attended all the sessions. On the day of selecton i went to my school i was surprised to see that playing 11 was selected already and most of the selected were guys who didn't even attended the practice session. And we who took every session were told to Kick the Football once and they will see if we know how to kick a football, our selection was hanging on that kick only. I know this was Curtain Over for us. I guess this is also the problem with our Indian Sport system,guys with not much ability are chosen over talented ones. Thats why we don't see too many Indians performing well at the International level.

Before i used to think that i will become a sport person but after that my hopes were over. See Australia a country with little over 20mn people they are playing Football,Cricket,Rugby at the higest level even they are very good at Olympics. But we more than 1 bn people have to content with Cricket which is played by not more than 10 countries in the world(ask someone about Cricket in US,Canada or any non Cricket playing country and first word they will say is What ? pardon please)
Again we moved to Meerut and now i was not having much interest in Sports. Now i just follow sports on Television and hope that a day will come when our country will be
amongst the 32 teams that play World Cup Football or someday we will host Olympics.

Sports that i follow are Cricket(as usual),Lawn Tennis,Formula 1, Cycling(Tour de France) and now days Football.


  1. Wow...i was glued to ur post from the start. Nice one!!
    Dude why not compare sports at your time and presently, I mean cricket, WWE(i still love watching it). I must be very small when you were in school :p

  2. Thanks for liking the post Kaustabh.
    Ya sure will do that.
    I passed Twelfth in 2003, when did u passed ?

  3. Well most of us give up sports after school. The same is the case with me.
    I was a part of my school cricket team .....Although I was good at batting but people had little confidence in me and I was always sent lower down the order. However, I was a terrific fielder. In fact, when I was in the 10th grade I took 3 stunning catches to help my team in an Inter-school cricket championship.

  4. Hey same here i was also a very good fielder.
    Well i guess Politics runs everywhere, One who is more highlighted is given more chances and better players have to wait for their turn.
    Because of this politics only Indians do not fare well in most of the sports.
    Thanks for landing up here and for the comment.

  5. I can relate to your story..!!!
    In-fact, I also dropped my first catch in a school cricket match..!!

    Loved the flow of the post. Keep it up.

  6. Ohh thats a Coincidence !
    Dropping a catch is the biggest offense you could do in a Cricket match.
    Your comments are valuable for me.
    Thanks for Kind words, do visit again.


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