Monday, May 31, 2010

No Power !

As the Summer season is on the havoc the electricity crisis is increasing day by day.While this may be not true for Metros(Where Govt. has to provide power) but the condition other than those is not so great, specially in northern India.
Where i live(Meerut) the condition of electricity is worsening. Whats the reason behind it ? There could be many, Not much Power Generation,Population bombardment,Electricity theft,Electricity Wasting.
These and some reasons which has resulted for this condition.
I tell you how much electricity we get on daily basis(Population of Meerut district is more than 1mn)Electricity leaves us sharply at 10 am and comes back at 2pm(but not sharply as it goes) then scheduled cut is at 1 am  to 4am but believe me in between 2pm and 1am they can cut for any interval of time(As when i am writing this post it is 4pm and there is no power)
Same problem our neighbouring country Pakistan is facing but if you go through there sites this problem is highlighted persistently. But here in India everybody knows that this problem is going on , but as Mediamanics are living in there Powerbackuped AC rooms this situation does not get any recognition.
Sameways if we could switch off Electricity for one hour daily at prime time imagine how much electricity we can save. Where i am living most of the people are having ACs(the big power consuming machines) ya we also have one, but most of them have more than one at there home which keep them cool all day long(and yes they proudly claim that they are the owner of that drastic Power eating machine).
Another problem is theft, as i am living in the society i see whats happening inside it. I know many people who are using different ways to slow down their Electric meters. I am sure people around you must be indulged in same thing.
If  we are irresponsible then we are bound to be in the situation that we are today. Firstly we have to make a change within then we will see the difference !

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