Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maggi ! Maggi ! Maggi !!!

One of my biggest passion is to eat, when i am hungry and i don't have to eat something good i generally switch on my TV set to find some cookery show going on and if i don't found one i just imagine myself eating my favourite food but that increase my hunger and i have to search for things which are present in my home like Namkeens or some leftover in my fridge.

If i am still empty handed then i go to the nearest shop and bring back Rs 10 Masala Maggi with myself. But as i am very bad at cooking and knows only Maggi to cook i just add water in the pan, wait for water to become hot and then add Noodles and Maggi Masala, after some stirring my Maggi is ready. I know there are people who make many kinds of Maggi with tomatoes,onions,Capsicums and other things and they taste so yumm !! but i don't know how to cook with them, so i have to contend with my simple Maggi. Yesterday i tried to make it with tomatoes(cause i found them only in my fridge) but i just spoiled it and i was left with some sort of mess which i finished with lot of hard work.

I guess the Masala Maggi is the real epitome of all the instant Noodle family and nobody is even close to it. I generally look out for its replacement but had never found one. Have tried Maggi Curry,Atta,Dal variants the Top Ramens(Curry and Masala),Smith & Jones and many other variants but every time have to come back to Masala Maggi. Its in their masala that attract us to eat it again and again.

Now how i started to eat it ? It was like some 16,17 years back when i first saw it, the Yellow wrapper and was curious to saw it as i had never eaten something like noodles or Chinese before, so in came it in our home and my Sis and I was delighted to have a taste of it, the honour of cooking was given to my Mom, she tried to experiment with it and didn't followed the rules of making it and we landed up in a Soup, what the heck is it ? and the Maggi was shown the doors from our home and off it goes from our Menu list. Time passed away and my hunger increased and once again i landed upon Maggi but the Cook this time was different, the task was given to the most talented guy who by the way happens to be the owner of this blog also and yes this time Maggi was perfectly cooked and enjoyed thoroughly, since then as millions of us eat it regularly, i have also followed that tradition.

In Meerut where i live and work, we get it outside every Office and in all education institutes but you have to wait for your turn as you find its lovers amongst all of us. They charge you 20 Rs and put some chillies,onions and little Butter in it also, obviously it tastes way better then my hand cooked one. So strangely it helps in earning living of some also.

So Maggi has become the Front leader in easing human hunger, when they don't have time to cook or they are living outside their homes and don't know anything about cooking.In fact there was my one Friend who was a Maggi freak and went to London for further studies and was surprised to see it their also in same flavour.

Now my empty tummy is suggesting me to fed it with something and i don't find anything except Maggi in my Kitchen so i am going to prepare it maybe with some experiment lets see how it goes and do tell in comments how u fared with Maggi, maybe any secret recipe of it.

P.S. - Today i started to write about some other topic but as i started, Maggi came to my mind and i wrote about it. But credit for this post goes to Deepak Mashaal whose this post tempted me to write about Maggi.


  1. a delicious post! i'm also so fond of maggi. It has eased my hunger lot of times when mom was not at home and when there was nothing to eat.

  2. Same goes here Karthick ! Whenever my Mom goes out of station she knows there is Maggi which can look after my hunger.

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    As far as this post is concerned,fabulous!! i coudnt ever even imagine that article can be written on Maggi!!UR post is as good ,beautiful nd tasty s maggi itself!!

    I also made maggi many times but just simple maggi with no extra ingredients!!Itna jhanjhat kaun paale !!wo sab bhi karenge to use 2 min wali maggi ku kahenge ,wo to nai dish ban jaegi!!

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  4. Manish bhai itni tarif nahi jhel skta m, tu mujhe bahut upar chadha deta h.
    Your comments are most inspiring for me.
    Thanks for writing such great comments.
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  5. I m far better than u??????? achchi faek leta hai!!!!!!

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  6. Checked it out and commented also !

  7. IN evenings when I get hungry I used to have maggi... In canteen I never cooked :P its good to experiment

  8. I guess most of us eat Maggi in evening time, as our stomach is empty.
    Ya its good to experiment and sometimes the result is also on your side.

  9. Okay Man I won't sugarcoat this comment box.
    a) Poor Grammer, many grammatical and Punchuation mistakes, maybe you should consider reviewing it a 2-3 times before u post it.
    b) A bit boring too.
    Average Post

  10. A bit boring yes it could be and i will try to make it interesting next time.
    Yes Grammatical mistakes there would be as i am not perfect in English.
    But i would not like to hear this from someone who don't even know to write Grammar and Punctuation ! Bingo man !
    But your advice will only improve me.

  11. Hi,Im writing this after a dishful of Maggi with my beloved wife.In fact I started liking Maggi after I got married.Thanks to my wife Aruna.Maggi made my perfect evening.It tastes beautiful when raining heavily & served hot.ummmm......

  12. Mmmmm... You just made me order for Maggi while I'm still at work at this hour and I've just treated myself with the delicious snack... :-))

    Do ask the makers of Maggi to give you a share of the profits, dear Abhishek, as you've done a fairly good job of promoting their product, in fact... :-)) Cheers and keep blogging and sharing! :-)

  13. Advait bhai Maggi is a big friend of most of the Wives, no mood to cook food and poor husband gets Maggi in his Dinner, but if served hot with some added flavours it tastes better than any other typical meal.

  14. I guess because of this post Maggi makers must have seen an increase in their sale, if they are reading this post please consider me eligible for any vacancy in their organization.
    Sir its always great to have you here and your comments are icing on the cake for me.

  15. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a wonderful blog and write well. Keep it going.

  16. Same from my side Upasana you have a great blog too , living in US and with Indian roots intact i adore you for that.

  17. Good one abhishek, maggi is one of the easiest food to make and a gift to most bachelors staying away from home. In hostel or a room outside. On the negative side it has impacted on the Indian tradition, most of the guys who are getting married these days have to be satisfied only with Maggie as it is one of the best dishes girls learn to make while staying in hostel during their college days!

  18. awesome dude..... u knw hw to prepare maggie!!!!
    i dont even knw dat.... only tea
    hey dude... give me some maggie yar... (panni aa gaya) plz...plz....

  19. ya you are right, girls love it and there are some who even still don't know how to make it.
    Again thanks for stopping by here.

  20. I bet you its even simpler to prepare it than Tea, pls give it a try.
    You are invited Deepak anytime for Maggi !

  21. Dost! Its really good that you are writing about such a small thing in our life .That requires a really strong writing instinct.In fact there are so many small things /events happening around us which can be subject for our writing.Keep it up. All the best!!

  22. Advait bhai readers like you act as fuel for my writing.
    I know i am not that good writer but i always tries to write on some different topics.
    A comment from you here is what i always look after for.

  23. goog sourabh you said everything correct but i think you also forgot to read you comment 4-5 times before posting it!
    Your english grammar is superb saurabh.

    post was excellent,keep rocking abhi!!

  24. I feel for him , but i agreed with what he said.

  25. abhishek ji !waiting for your new post!!!!!!

  26. me too but no topic to post still, what about you ?

  27. You should Try "Wai Wai Noodles" if you have never done so. Its Made in Nepal and exported to India...its hard to find but well worth it. If you do get it in your neighborhood. Try it. You will surely forget Maggi once you eat Wai Wai...

  28. Actually Tajim i had tried Wai Wai and found them good.
    Ya now a days they are hard to find but last time i have seen them at Big Bazar outlet.
    Its from Nepal i didn't knew that !

  29. thats only food I can make when i was hungry,i love maggi

  30. Same here with me, only thing i can cook.
    But now i am trying to be innovative with it, always add something or the other to it.

  31. I luv my magggi n i cant live without it!!!!

  32. Yes Juhi, it has saved my for starving many a times.
    Its just 1 2 3.
    Thanks for commenting :)


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