Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They Helped Us !

When my Father Joined Bank Service in early 1980s all he was having to commute was a Red Coloured Hero Jet Bicycle, he was very fond of his Bike. In winters all Suited Booted he used to sat on the Saddle and with his right hand on that Mechanical Buzzer(Trin- Trin) he used to clear away the traffic. Sometimes he was not the lone passenger, my mom also used to sat behind him. Thinking back all these things amazes me that how much has changed now , things like this are from past now.

Some 6,7 years after one fine evening we were waiting , looking curiously out of our Balcony and in came Green Colour Bajaj Chetak Scooter, but where is Papa ? He is sitting behind the Driver as he did not know to ride it. Now every evening my Father used to learn driving it and in the Morning   
he used to worry if he would be able to finish the journey to his Bank safely or not. Later on he became perfect. Now as Bike was not used any more it was transferred to my Paternal Uncle who coincidentally joined Bank Service at that time only. After Few years he too got a Scooter and can you imagine where did the Bike went ? It went to my Grand Father who used to use it for his daily commute. The Irony is that the Bike lasted long much more then the two Scooters.

Now Coming to our Scooter, it gave luxury for the whole family(Mom,Dad,Sis nd Me) to be on it at same time. I used to stand in front , my Father on front seat , mom on rear and my sis in Between Dad and Mom. At that time only we got shifted to Delhi. As being Ghumakkar at every Holiday all four of us and our Scooter used to go to Explore Delhi. In 5 years that we lived in Delhi we roamed at most of the places be it India Gate,Rashtrapati Bhavan,Red Fort,Old Fort,Qutub Minar,Delhi Zoo,Pragati Maidan,Birla Mandir and many more places not once but several times. But our Scooter never disobeyed us except once when we were going to NOIDA and it started to spill Black Smoke and we were all embarrassed as everybody was seeing us as we had commited some murder.

Again my Dad got transferred to Madhya Pradesh(Betul) and we shifted there, now our Scooter was aging so this time we purchased CD 100SS Hero Honda Bike and the Colour was Red, when it comes to choose the colour the Power of Attorney goes to my Dad, if he says Red then it has to be Red. First experience on Bike was wonderful, it was so smooth and cozy and with its trademark sound it feels so good. I guess CD 100SS is one of the remarkable Bike we ever had i know people will go with Splendor but for me our Bike is the Best, i call it no maintenance Bike. But as we siblings were growing it was difficult for whole family to go in one time, for some time we manged but later it was not possible, but as Betul was a small town we came out with an Idea, When all 4 of us have to go i used to use my Bicycle and rest of them on Bike, it used to be fun for me as i used to race with my Dad on my bike on which he used to scold me for driving fast.

Now in came the new Century and we were in Uttar Pradesh(Meerut), we were planning for a 4 wheeler. Long discussions used to be in our home, first we thought to purchase old Maruti 800 but it was declined then we thought for new Maruti 800 again it got declined at last we Zeroed in on New Santro Xing , Car was booked and we got it after 15 days. As usual Dad didn't know to drive it and car was driven to our home by a hired Driver, but this feeling of having a new car strangely was not able to match the feelings that we had on our earlier vehicles. It took about 15 days for him to learn it and now we were covering cities with it. About 6 years have passed after this and our Car has covered little over 25000 Kms.

Our Vehicles are like family members to us, you got attached to them and when some Bruise or dent is created on them it hurts a lot. So this was my Story with the Vehicles we had over a period of time. I know all of you there must be having there stories also.

And yes my Father still use his Hero Honda CD 100SS bike daily for going to his Bank and that too on Delhi roads and our Bike is more than 12 years old and still working fine.


  1. Great memories. When we think back, everything that remains is so sweet. I used to wonder where those memorable days went by. Later I found that we just remember the happier things much more than the sad things. Even today looks better when seen from tommorrow!

    The post was good. It shows how much u love ur vehicles. Looking forward for the pictures.

  2. Very Right Abhi, We all have our share of memories with the bicycle, scooter, Bike and CAR in that order in a typical Middle Class Family...I wonder if kids even ride a bicycle these days..!

  3. Superb! as usual! Dear i am not lying i read it twice and it was so nice to read it that i was a bit hesitating each time pressing the down arrow that i may see the end of article in next click, because i wanted to read article on and on and on.Sorry for not posting my comment on very same day bcoz i m a bit busy these days,i read the article today only.The memories from the cycle to car were great.
    While reading the post ,i also memorised the days we spent roaming in delhi,especially may4,after giving the ISRO exam,nice memories really.
    Similar is the story of every middle class family ,i think.Yes,all normal cc bikes of Hero honda are superb with low maintainance cost.
    Excellent post!!waiting for the pics now!!

  4. Thanks Karthick for liking this post.
    Strangely i couldn't find any Pictures to post.

  5. My BiCycle was my best Friend ! Now a days they do ride it but the transition to Motor Bike is very fast,

  6. As you are my faithful friend you like what i write, but a lot has to be improved.
    Bhai those days in Delhi and in our College were most memorable for me and i could do anything to bring back them, this life is so harsh, we have no alternatives but to enjoy it.



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