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Rare Pictures - Before Independence !

Well I have this in mind from many days to post these Pictures but as this is not my Original work i was hesitating in posting them. One day i was searching on the net for some Old Pictures and specially which were clicked before Independence, i searched lot but was not successful and then i landed on a website which were having some nice Old Pictures. But there was no explanation given on the time they were shot and which place they belonged to , so i searched again and after some struggle got little explanation about them and posted on the Original Post so that the readers there could be benefited. As these Pictures are not Copyrighted hence i am posting on my blog also.

Train Inspection , 1885

Ambulances, Chennai,1940

Bank Of Madras , 1935

Car Show, Madras , 1913

Port Blair , 1917(Kalapani Jail or Cellular Jail)

Karachi , 1917

Departmental Store , 1883

Ford Automobiles , 1917

Hoogly( Calcutta ) , 1915

Madras Market(Kothaval Chavadi) , 1939

Lahore , 1864

Madras Library , 1913

Marina Beach , Madras , 1913

Bombay , 1894

VT Station , Bombay , 1894

Mylapore , Madras , 1939

Ooty , 1905

Sorry no Explanation, looks like some Engines !

Karachi Theatre , 1917

No Explanation , What can you say about him ?

No Explanation again, some random Home !

So , now as you had gone through these Pictures , how did u liked them ? If you are known to some better explanations to these pictures feel free to share them here. I don't know how many of these monuments shown here are in existence if you have any knowledge about them of them being still existing please do tell in the comment section.

P.S. - To go through the Original post do visit here


  1. hi,mind refreshing pictures!!
    First time i saw the kala paani jail!!departmental store pic is also perfect!!
    Nice collection!The way of railway track inspection is still the same as shown in pic 1.
    Overall refreshing post that take everyone a century back!!

  2. Thanks Manish for dropping by, as usual the honor of the first comment goes to you.
    You can Google upon the Cellular Jail it looks still the same.
    About Rail Inspection now i had even seen Trucks on Rails with their Wheels modified as Train Wheels are.
    Looking for your new post too.

  3. will add new post soon!!
    testing gravatar

  4. Great post!!! the pictures were amazing... we can imagine those places without people today... marina beach will be full of crowd... u won't even have a place to stand nearby the sea... thanks for this wonderful collection!

  5. Awesome.Pictures are awesome.
    Your blog is very clean and straight.
    My best wishes.

  6. Thanks Karthick for liking this post !
    I was waiting for your comment as i knew there were some pictures of Madras and your comment will be the one with some information.

  7. Sir Privileged to have you here, have been following your post and tweets, and they are inspiration for me.
    I am Indebted by your comments about my Blog.
    Please do visit again !

  8. Thanks JAL for stopping by and commenting on the post.

  9. good work..
    you have made a valuable collection..
    nice stuff.

  10. You have a wonderful collection of pics. I really really enjoyed

  11. i think the no explanations pics show a Bhisti(water carrier) and a khansamah-indespensable part of the laat sahab retinue.
    Great pics where did you get them from???

  12. Thanks Roopam !
    I have always liked old Black & White Pics , So little of them are present, but they say a lot.

  13. Thanks for stopping by here and liking them.
    Do visit again.

  14. Varsha i guess you are right Bhishti( have heard this word after so long) and Khansamah are the appropriate words for them.
    I have given the link of Original post at the end, but there you don't get any explanations.

  15. Kothaval Chavadi is still a famous market in Chennai and so is Marina beach! And I live in Mylapore :D

  16. Ok ! Great to have your comments Moulee !
    Before these were just places for me now i know where they existed.
    Thanks for being here !

  17. haven't been to any of these's good that you brought these pics feels good

  18. Interesting post indeed!Being in Mumbai let me tell you about those two pics. Bombay 1894 would now be "Mumbai" and the skyline though has changed you can still identify this part of Mumbai.The old British architecture seen in these buildings which still stand now house offices,banks and shops.Area looks like "Fort" which is a short walkable distance from CST Station.

    The second picture is of V.T Station -It houses the HQ of the Central Railways here,and the first Train ran between this Station an Thane.It now reads as 'Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus - (CST) for short where the Kasab incident took place.The structure is exactly the same even now,just as magnificent as seen in the picture minus the Tram-cars running there. No more Trams in Mumbai.The road there is choc-a-bloc with cars,B.E.S.T buses and countless people.Oh yes! bullock carts and horse carriages are no more in existence there.This is a Heritage building and it is lit up beautifully at nights.Now a hideous subway is right outside the station under the road you see in that picture :(

  19. its nice, thanks for sharing

  20. I love seeing old pictures, thanks for posting them:)

  21. pro blogger..... :D

    thanks complimenting......but it's too much...

  22. Same here Keerthana i also love Old Pictures.
    You are Welcome !

  23. YahooRamji thanks for being here, do visit again !

  24. Rumya a very elaborate reply by you, thanks for that.
    Yes when you will visit most of these places, the picture will be completely different as human population must have engulfed all these places.
    The VT station Picture is my Favourite one, as trams used to run in Mumbai sameways in front of Red Fort in Delhi trams used to run.
    Thanks for commenting and please keep coming.

  25. great collection!
    thanks for sharing,
    appriciate your efforts!

  26. First of all thanks Hitesh for stopping by here.
    It feels good when a Pro Blogger comments.
    Old Pictures are very special.

  27. Vyom Old Pictures are very rare things, if i get more pictures i will post them again.
    Thanks for visiting.

  28. Anybody who have seen your Blog will acknowledge that.

  29. thanks ...... i get uncomfortable when complemented..........and this is only a few of what i have got till now...... will cherish it....

  30. Really nice and interesting pictures! Thanks for sharing them, Abhishek!

  31. Thanks Parth !
    Its nice that you visited Blog !

  32. Juhi From Meerut77July 18, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    Abhi Shake!! Meeruthi ya Meerut wale bolu?
    Thanks for liking and viewing my post. U r the first from my city, i mean Our City.
    Second which place u r from Meerut?
    Thirdly like i said in my profile that i look for something unique so i liked only this post of yr blog.
    Fourth I will add u in indiblogger network.
    Last but not the least thanks n good wishes.

  33. Call me Meeruthi i like that.
    I have been following ur blog and now you have changed its template also.
    I am from Roorkee Road, where are u from ?
    Thanks for liking this post and commenting.
    i have also added you in my Indiblogger network.
    Ok Best Wishes to you also,

  34. thanks for sharing the pictures, i really love to watch all this N happy independence day in advance.

  35. If i am not mistaken you are Aatif ?
    Ya i also do like these kind of pictures.
    Same to you Happy Independence Day :)

  36. awesome...had such a good time looking at these pics :) thanks for sharing...

  37. My Pleasure Siddhartha !
    Your Blog is very nice , its one of those refreshing one that are hard to find now a days.

  38. very nice pictures i like all of this vry much

  39. Hi,

    Very nice pics. The engines pic is apparently Lahore Power Station -

    Thanks for sharing these pics..

  40. @Arun @AnandKumar @netgear Thanks all : )

  41. Nice collections!! How did you managed to get these pictures?

  42. @Tirumal I have given the link of original post from where I have compiled these pics at the end, thanks for liking them : )

  43. HI,
    When i saw yr first pic i can't stop myself to watch all of them, thanks for posting these pics & reminding old century lifestyle.


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