Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gutsy Girl

As my Office is some distance from my home i was coming back to my home by new Low Floor City Buses run by Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation in my City Meerut. As i was travelling and my adjacent seat was still empty i was hoping this Vacant seat must be filled up by some good looking girl. Much to my surprise a Young girl(must be around 19,20 years) in Burkha stepped in with some 14,15 years aged girls, while her face was completely visble she uttered " Hai Allah Kitni garmi h ". I was hoping she would sit with me but she sat few seats back to me. Everybody was having an eye on her. As she was behind me and i wanted to have a look at her i just turned my neck backwards as if i was stretching my tired neck, what i saw completely surprised me. first of all She removed her scarf and then top part of her Burkha and behind that was a Green Tshirt and last rites were soon done as she removed lower part of her Burkha and now she was a modern girl with Jeans and top. As half of the passengers were rural persons they all were amazed by what they had just seen. And now comes out her Cell Phone and calling someone " Kaha Ho Aap, haan m aa rhi hun ". Conductor came to her for Tickets She was going to a local Mall(We now know to meet whom). They both chatted for long time(Aree.. Conductor and the Girl,Off course conductor was having the time of his life). Surely the girl was very Gutsy as each and every eye in the Bus was on her and she was having no effect of that, Just like Kareena Kapoor of Jab We Met(Khud ki Favourite). Soon came my stop and i have to Step out of the Bus and she went with it...

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