Friday, May 28, 2010

May Fav Blogs !

I know no body is reading my blog and why will they if i don't put something in it and do not publicise it, so now i wanted to write some post. I was thinking what should i write but my dumb mind didn't give any hint. Therefore i will tell you about my Favourite blogs.

The first one is Ghumakkar

This is my fav Travel Blog. It is daily updated(well most of the time) and contains detailed travel stories by Ghumakkars. The stories are from all over the world. If you are planning for Vacation just go through it and search your travel destination you will get to know most thing about it. The Pictures are amazing there and beautiful narration along with them. So follow it and be a Ghumakkar.

The next one is Qasba


This is the best Hindi blog i have seen. From NDTV reporter Raveesh. Whats happening in and around Delhi(Mostly!) is narrated in beautiful satire. Most stories that he covers are roadside stories.

                                                                                  One of the best personal blog that i have encountered with. This blog is very humorous. This poor man always live under fear of his Missus(this is how he pronounce his Mrs). It is must recommended from my side.

                                                                                       Final Transit is a personal blog of Priyank Thatte an Indian living in Canada. This guy is hugely talented. Under is travelogue he has covered beautiful places like BBhutan,Peru,Russia,Israel and some more places. If you go through is travelogue you will just struck to it and will complete in a single go(like me).Pictures that he took are awesome but best part is his narration.

This is a Pakistani blog aggregator. Here you can find daily update of some Pakistani Blogs. I guarantee there are some great Pakistani blogs going around. But there are some blogs which are Anti India which you could also see there.

                                                                                 This is a Photo Blog. Daily one picture is uploaded. The picture is centered about India. They are of high quality. With it small description about  the picture is also given.

                                                                                                     This blog is written by a small guy(By small i mean age not Stature) Parth J Dave. Though small in age this guy write big things. Looks like he boasts of becoming a big blogger. He had just completed his Europe trip, do catch it on his blog.

There are some other blog too that i follow but i will not reveal them now because if my dumb mind do not give any hint about my new post then i have to post them.

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