Sunday, January 5, 2014

Looking Back at 2013

I have not spent much time here on my beloved Blog last season for which I am the only person to be blamed. It only takes about 1 hr for me to write a post here and there are 168 hrs in a whole week so time should not be a constraint for this but I guess laziness and indiscipline could be the cause behind it.

I am trying to remember how 2013 started for me I was in Delhi and winters were going on I was desperately  looking for a new job and had no clue how I will be able to get one but then there are certain things over which you don't have much control they just happens and it happened for me. During early summer in March and April I started giving interviews unfortunately I could give interview in only two companies. For the first one I cleared most of the rounds and at the last moment was waiting for the call from HR of that company I waited and waited and there was no call I was the only person that was calling.

Then came second company and some how I again cleared all the rounds there but this time I was offered job in a span of week after giving my first interview to them. I had to join in Pune about thousand five hundred kms from Delhi I was elated to be there, my Father's working place head office is also in Pune and I have heard lot of things about Pune from him and wanted to visit it and also I never lived alone in my life which fascinated me and I was up for it but then you had to be physically in a situation to have a feel how it looks like to be. The day I left my home and came here I got to know how it feels like to be alone in a place which is not known to you and you don't have anybody to look to. But  fortunately I had some good friends here waiting for me and after six months here I feel somewhat relaxed.

I miss weather of Delhi yes it is harsh but in Pune you almost have a monotonous weather not much have changed since I came here except rain have stopped now and you can easily move around outside. I don't each much outside here not a fan of local food.

 Oh yeah this year I spent some money on Gadgets too, In March got myself an iPad Mini which I left at my home in Delhi and I think its a waste of money doesn't fills much purpose then in August got a Nexus 4 mobile phone which I personally think is the best mobile phone in that range I can do almost all stuff that I was doing on my iPad and plus can use it for calling too. Then later at the end of year I got this Dell laptop on which I am typing this post at very good bargain almost at the same price at which I got Nexus 4, I am using Ubuntu 13.10 OS on it which is breath of fresh air and is linux based which also comes into my domain knowledge too so hopefully I will be doing some good stuff with this laptop.

Have made some good friends in my Office I have to say the more people you meet the more you learn in life. I miss my friends in North. Manish came back to north after spending some years in Allahabad and irony is that as he shifted there I had to shift out, he'll be starting new phase of his life pretty soon and he has all my good wishes, we had such a great time in College and our friendship has continued from there and is going strong.

Looking ahead this year I have to learn a lot and do lot of things, so many things are there to which I am looking after to do hope I will be able to finish some of those and I wish to update you about them on my Blog here.

Winds of change have started to blow in the nation for good and hopefully at the end of year we'll get something better than what we have at present.

Lastly It has been a difficult year for my parents as I moved away from them but I guess with time they have come to terms now, I visited them last month and we had great time and also met my lovely niece and Sister, I'll again visit Delhi in coming months it is an amazing city.


  1. 2013 was a great year for you n 2014 will be greater ..... Small hindrances cant stand in front of such a nice person like you who adapt to situations so easily ... All the very best :)

  2. Life is a journey, and one of the best parts of it according to me is to learn and constantly try and improve ourselves. I am sure Delhi misses you as much as you miss Delhi. A very heartwarming read this - Wish you all the very best in life, Abhishek. :)


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