Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello Again

Don't think many people missed my writing but still there are some who will encourage me to write and Arti from My Yatra Diary is amongst such persons. I know she'll be inquiring why I have not written off late and then one day there I saw her tweet and I was embarrassed. Before starting this post I had a look on my blog and checked when did I last wrote here and it was 9 months back :( that is a long time, checked the traffic of the blog it seems to be fine but still there is a dip.

I think getting a good habit ( like blogging) is very hard to come but on the other hand very easy to go, so here I am back again to rejuvenate some life in my blog and in myself too. There are very few things in my life that I am proud of but my Blog is exception. When I will retire from my working life and will look back on how it went this Blog will help me and maybe some others too on how I fared with my life.

Most of the people I am close to (family,friends and colleagues) do know that I sometimes write and from time to time will discuss that they too wants to write something and would ask for advise and here I am who has not written anything from past nine months, it is not that I don't get time to write but its my laziness that prevents me too write.

I came here today to write but then I was not having any specific topic so what should I tell you today ? Okay I will brief  you about what is going on in my life.

Its been around 15 months that I have been in Pune, living with friends and not with my parents. Initially it was hard but then I got used to living without my parents. Daily from past 15 months I call at my home at around 10 in the night, my Father will be back from his office and I will talk to both Mom and Dad daily discussing how their day went and describing my day to them. Telephone does help in bridging gaps.

I have made three trips to Delhi in this interval and have enjoyed every bit there and I do not miss to meet my Dear Friend Manish whenever I am there in Delhi , will discuss about our life ( he got married last February), the day when I meet him is arguably one of the best day of my year. I cannot discuss everything  what is going in my life with anyone but with one person and that is Manish and yeah its been ten years that we are friend now and I know this friendship will be going till end.

Oh I forgot to tell you about Pune, If you'll ask me what is one thing I love about Pune ? my answer would be its Climate, there my parents in Delhi are cursing the loss of rain and sweaty climate and here in Pune you have perfect weather, I don't remember when did I last sweat ( ah remember when I was in Delhi last July), but sadly that is the only thing ( or one of few things ) I prefer about Pune. I miss Food, the chilly winter, my parents and Friends and many more things. The day I come here back from home I start planning the next trip, I will keep an eye on Flight tickets and the day I see a bump in price and I will book them and my countdown starts. Soon I will be back on a trip to Delhi and if time permits I will visit maybe Meerut and my Nanihal Rampur too.

My Parents are desperately looking for a girl for me seeing some of my friends are getting married, I don't know how life will be when you get married, there will be more responsibilities I know but then that is part and parcel of your life. But at present I am pretty much single in near future.

 Hopefully I will be spending more of my time here with you guys, the hard part is to open the text box of your blog after that I do not have to think much and words are automatically typed (joking). So keep looking for this space and I will be back soon.


  1. What a short yet refreshing post... Was waiting outside a kendriya vidhalaya school here in ghaziabad for my wife to come out of examination centre, was wondering what will I do for 2 hours, n then I heard a beep from phone, it was a msg from Google + saying - 'you missed a post from Abhishek Bhardwaj' .. Was happy to see that my hour or so will easily pass now reading your post n recalling past events... I read it, I read it again... Lovely thoughts! Thanks n keep writing! See you soon!

  2. Thanks a lot Manish, I hope Mam's exam went well don't know you have told her that you have a friend named Abhishek too. Hoping to read something on your Blog soon.

  3. Of course bata rakha h bhai kya baat karte ho...

  4. A nice nostalgic post AB, I have always pushed to be active on your blog because I love your writings. They have that simplicity and earthiness which attract me towards it. The best thing that I loved in this post is that you call your parents daily, that is really commendable, shows your love for them. I mean there are countless persons living away from their parents but they probably talk to their parents only once in a while. Keep writing, I know it is difficult managing it with a full time job but even short posts from time to time will suffice. And you will love to read them yourselves some years down the line. :) Happy Diwali to you and your family!! :)


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