Friday, October 18, 2013

Scenes from my Father's Childhood

As you grow up you to tend to think about your past a lot, I personally do think about my past how my life got progressed and changed. The most bleak memory that you have is of your early childhood days. For most people it differ what is the earliest you remember, some people would remember instances when they were one or two years old and some I know who don't even remember much about their time when they were 4 or 5.

My Father who has seen around 55 springs in his life still have memories dating back when he was 1 or 2. When we both sit back together sometimes we talk about our past, he would tell me how things were very cheap and in a Rupee you could purchase whole load of stuff. He would tell me about our relatives whom I could not see. My Father in his Childhood was pretty independent, the place where I was born and most of his Childhood was spent Deoband once he went on his own and got admission in his School.

He was born in a small Village Called Tikola which is near to Roorkee, but the nearest town to Tikola was Deoband so he used to come alongside my Grand Father to Deoband many times. At that time Deoband looked a big city to him as this was the biggest place he had ever been to. There was electricity he could see Bulbs showering lights everywhere, markets,Toys and sweets to eat. 

There is one particular incident that he has told me often of his Childhood which I would like to share with you today.

I guess he would have been 3 or 4 years Old at that time, he came to Deoband with my Grand Father, As my Grand Father had some work he left my Father at a Photographer's studio stating him he would return soon. That Photographer must be a known person to my Grand Father.My Father waited for him reluctantly but as time grew he became impatient and started to feel insecure, I can understand what his feeling would have been at that time even at this age when I left my home I felt like to cry and return at my home and he was just a toddler at that time. Tears started pouring from his eyes - seeing my impatient Father Photographer tried to console him and with an instrument[ which I don't remember] which he made it look like a Telephone he made a fake call to my GrandFather that " Masterji your Son is missing you and please come early he is waiting for you ". Some sanity prevailed and my Father got bit relaxed , within no time my Grand Father arrived there and they returned to their village and my Father thought it was because of that call my Grand Father returned early.

Many other people would relate to this story as well, when I was a child myself the biggest fear of myself would be what would happen if I get lost or lose my family. I would not allow my Father to board out of train when our family was on any journey thinking what would happen if train left without him but he would still go out at most of the stations when there was a halt, I could also have gone out with him but then I preferred to stay with my Mom and Sister thinking what would happen if train left without my Father and me leaving my Mom and Sister alone.

As I live alone here in Pune without my Family I tend to think more about my Family and then these kind of instances come to my mind. Which I better jolt down here.


  1. Reading your post I too tried to think as back as I can n managed to reach when I was in school :) our parents spent time when things were really very cheap.... N I do remember that dd1 start up tune, that rukavat k liye khed h sandesh n all...
    Really time passes, memories remains.

  2. I think I had written a comment on this post! Has it again gone in spam? Anyways, its always lovely to refresh your childhood memories. Awaiting your new post Abhishek :)

  3. I think I had written a comment on this post! Has it again gone in spam? Anyways, its always lovely to refresh your childhood memories. Awaiting your new post Abhishek :)


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