Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to Blogging

So after quite a long time I am here again and writing, I know there are some people who missed my blogging a bit and so had I. About a month back I had jolted down a post on my Blog but didn't know what happened I left it in between[still pending in draft]. Those who know something about blogging would agree with me that its a difficult job, after a hard labored day in Office all you want to do is relax, spend some time with family and watch TV a bit. But then there are many persistent and regular bloggers too who no matter what happens do Blog and take it very seriously.

Personally I like writing and sharing my thoughts with you people but as I am not an organized person by nature it feels cumbersome to me to place pictures and make post aesthetic. As I visit many blogs daily most are very narrative,informative  with nice pictures and tight grammar and they look nice too but this is the only thing which keeps be back from writing. I have not seen much blogs with text only. There is a  blog of a Pakistani Medical intern Abdul Majeed who on contrary have mostly text only posts and I like it a lot to read his thoughts.As it takes lot of time to organize posts with Pictures so from future what I would do is follow him and it will help me come back to blogging and I my purpose of blogging will also be fulfilled. Also an interesting fact about Abdul Majeed is that he is one of very few Pakistanis who is Vegetarian[ Yes do visit his Blog ] .

But then it does not mean I will not post any pictures , I would but only whenever needed. About three hours daily I spend my time in #delhimetro and I have a so called smartphone too which could also help me in writing short posts, if any thing comes to my mind at that moment I would like to share that with you there only.

Now what I would do today is to tell you about 3 Blogs which are very close to me, if I am free and want to read something nice I move towards them. 

First one is The Delhi Walla . If you'd ask me about the best city on this Planet I would say Delhi[though I have not visited many other cities]. Eversince in 1992 when we first moved here and then again last year I had closely observed it, there is something in it which makes it apart from others. One fine day I sat and started searching about the best Blog on Delhi and it does not took much time and I landed on this Blog. The writer Mayank Austen Soofi [ what a name to start with ] describes Delhi as City of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and Arundhati Roy. This blog contains the spirit of Delhi, you would fell in love with the writing style of Mayank. It has helped me to visit and know many places in Delhi which without it I would have never visited.

Second Blog that comes to my mind is Final Transit . Now this is a world Blog I would say written by an Indian Priyank Thatte who resides in Canada. He is a wanderer who after working some months would collect all his money and would leave to travel a particular country. When he writes he would write extensively with each and every detail from planning to food to travel and to everything. He would prepare about the country he is visiting for eg when  he visited Russia before he landed there he already mastered Russian language.

Lastly there is another travel Blog which over the years by hard work of the author had became one of India's most successful blog. I am talking about My Yatra Diary . Its a blog which would virtually make you visit to most of the holy places in India. Author Arti [ Fellow Blogger ] who is gifted with beautiful writing heart will make you stick to her post until you finish it. She would add many informative things about the place she is narrating about and would describe in such a manner that you would feel you are actually present there. Recently because of her writing she got a Chance to visit Japan and I am eagerly waiting for her posts about it[she already has started posting about it] . Incidentally she is also one of the reason behind my Blogging,she would persistently come on my Blog and will urge me to write to which I am very thankful to her and I feel very honored to have such a decorated  visitor on my Blog. 



  1. welcome back!!!!!!!!! all three blogs are really lovely...... been there few times in past....
    one thing i want to say that what`s the issue if there are both pictures and lot of text in posts?... pictures only make text more lively, most interseting, connect with mind more better....I think having pictures in post is a plus point.No?

  2.  Yes you are right but as I had written it feels very cumbersome for me to add pictures in post takes lots of times in organizing them and then formulating the post this keeps me back to write posts many times. Writing  only text makes  Post ready in short time. But if there are any posts which need Pictures i would add them.

  3. Ah, finally! Welcome back to blogging! It always feels nice to have people you know back in the blogosphere! I can understand it can get a bit tough at the end of the day, but one post in a few days is really not very difficult, right? And pictures or no pictures, even grammar and all, it really doesn't matter as long as you write passionately which you already do :)

    Thanks for the kind words that you say for me, I really feel honored to hear them... you do place me on a higher pedestal than what I truly deserve. :) Thanks for having the patience to go through so many of my posts at a stretch. I will surely check out the other blogs you mentioned. They all sound very interesting.

    Thanks for getting back to blogging and please keep writing, I feel proud to be one of your readers for long :) Best Wishes ~

  4. Your comment has instill enthusiasm in me, Read your words I am encouraged to write more. Blogging is such a fun and with followers like you its even more.

    Thanks again Arti ! in future I would write more and regularly too :)

  5. wow... a post after a long time... feels good that you are back... will visit the other blogs you have mentioned... seems you have read so much in the mean time... expecting many more posts from you... all the best!!!


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