Saturday, May 5, 2012

Delhi Food Yearning - Old Famous Jalebi Wala

Continuing or should I say taking forward the Foodie series of posts on my Blog about Delhi today I am here again to serve you something. It is mouth watering, hot, Crispy Jalebi's at Old Famous Jalebi Wala in Chandni Chowk.

They say it serves one of the best Jalebi's in the City, so one fine evening in December I along with my parents discovered this shop which is not so difficult to reach out. When you reach there what you see is a person preparing the Jalebi's other serving them and the owner busy in collecting Cash. 

What I like most about the open shops that serve anything to eat is to watch the dish being prepared in front of your eyes. Instead of being at the  place where they are served I rather stand at place where they are prepared, seeing the effort put in and how a dish transforms from the very stage of its raw materials to the final product that we got, I really like that journey.

The Jalebi's are prepared in Desi Ghee and instead of being moderate in size are little bulky. After deep frying them until they become reddish orange they are directly placed in Chashni[hot sugur syrup] and then served. When I went there last time they were sold at 300 Rs per Kg. My Father paid the price and now it was time to dig into them. They are amazingly very delicious Crunchy outside and gooee inside but then this is how Jalebi's are everywhere. What makes them apart from others is their taste which you can only understand once you have eaten them. 


What I advice you is eat little of them and you will have fond memories of it, its not the quantity that matters its their everlasting taste that will attract you. My family loved them but said it was highly priced but that can be expected regarding the place, material put in and its name.

They also serve Samosas which are big let down to me, at 12Rs per piece they do not stand apart to the normal Samosa's that are served at your nearest Mithaeewala[Sweet Shop]. I don't find anything different or special in them. So that is a big no no from my side.

How to Reach - Nearest #delhimetro station is Chandni Chowk
                     Old And Famous Jalebiwala
                                          Shop No.1795, Dariba Corner, Chandni Chowk,
                                          New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India +91 11 2325 6973

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  1. nice one .. I spent my college days there ... they are simply awesome and u said it right, mouth waterning ... I am missing them here in Pune :(

  2.  Thanks Nitin its nice to see you back here.
    Keep Coming :)

  3. yup, saw your post after a very long time .... now liked your FB page so will be updated :)

  4. Donno why but I like reading your posts. Keep up man with your extraordinary writing. :) 

  5.  Thanks a lot Mayur :)
    I have been a fan of your Blog since long time, feels nice to hear such words from a Blogger like you :)

  6. nice......... muh mai paani aa gaya......aur haan mehngi bhi bahut hai............. ye word 
    Mihaeewala to pehli baar suna maine.....

    samosas not looking good even ,forget taste................ 
    Try Rs 6 samosas at Balaji sweets when you pass next time..... 

  7.  Corrected the typing mistake Thanks :)
    Sure I will try them when I will pass next time to Modinagar.
    Infact I haven't eaten a decent Samosa in Delhi but I know where to find them.

  8. good to see u writing a post after a long time... nice one... it was nice reading the post...

    think every city in the country will have some traditional shops, which are not big, but are very famous and serve very tasty foods....

  9. Mouth Watering! I just love Jalebi's, the best I have had till now is in Jaipur. They are much smaller than this. Oh! Its so sweet and the taste does linger in the mouth for long!
    Lovely post, sad the Samosa did not live upto the expectations.

  10. Waiting for your new post!!

  11.  Thanks Arti for the comment, will be back soon blogging :)

  12. TQ for the comment on my Posterous blog. Have a nice day!

  13. Where have you disappeared? Hope everything is fine at your end.

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  15. Old Famous Jalebi Wala, one of the best place for Jalebis in Delhi. helps you to find the best restaurants in Delhi.


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