Saturday, April 28, 2012

Papa and his Bike

Well this is not about me what I am gonna write today because I have still not mastered this but I wish I could soon. I remember in 1988 when we owned our First Bajaj Chetak Scooter I was waiting for it whole day to see my Father drove it in our home in Meerut but then as my Father was not acquainted with driving them I saw him riding pillion on his Scooter as one of our Uncle drove it in. Past few days after that I saw my Father struggling to got control over it and then finally he made it.

As in 1997 we got transferred to Betul in Madhya Pradesh a place which was hilly in terrain with up and down winding roads and my Father was posted in a Bank in one of the Village there which was 30km away from the Betul District with little Public transport we knew he need a Bike to travel daily there.

Soon we started searching for a reliable Bike which have less maintenance and economic on fuel consumption. After checking available variants from  different companies[very few available at that time] we zeroed in on Hero Honda CD100 SS. But then which color to go for ? Papa was tense that if we would go for Red color it might get fade in the heat but we liked it a lot so after some consultations we finally booked Red colored Bike.

Hero Honda CD100SS

Now we waited for it to arrive as the Bike used to come from Bhopal[180kms away from Betul] and we didn't had any idea for the particular day we will be getting it.One fine evening Papa returned home and called  us from outside, I saw him on his Bike, It was joyful. He said lets go for a ride also he wanted to purchase a Helmet for it too. As he kick started it the sound of the refined engine of the Bike was music to my ears, the ride was so smooth even the bumpy roads of city felt highway tarmac.

A family of four we struggled to ride on it on the same time but passion of my father was that many a times all four of us had taken ride on it.

As Papa was in love with his Bike we used to take its care a lot.First we bought a tirpal cover of the Bike as it rained a lot in Betul as Bike used to stand in open parking of our colony.Then we feared what if somebody stole it from us my Father had solution of it too he bought a thick iron Chain which we used to daily tie it with both our Scooter and Bike and lock them with it. What more he bought a fur cover to cover the fuel tank[people in Betul used to cover their Bike fully with that kinda fur cover making them look pathetic]

Quarter yearly we used to take it for servicing at a local Hero Honda Service Center and me and my Papa used to sit there and watch mechanic go on with his job for hours until he finished his job. Many a times Papa used to give the mechanic advice if he is doing his job the wrong way.

I tried my luck on it many a times but was never confident of riding it.I remember once I was riding it with my father on my back on national highway that connected Bhopal to Nagpur and suddenly I saw a truck coming in front of me in opposite direction and a Bicycle rider in front of me going in my direction, my body became numb and my mind stopped I didn't knew what to do, instead of applying brakes I took Bike in neutral which didn't slowed it down and I thought its over now either I will collide with truck or with the Bicycle sensing the situation my father from back got control over the handle of the Bike and made it pass between the narrow way between the truck and Bicycle and we stopped. I was gasping for air and thought what I have done. Since that day I had never got confident with riding Bikes although I can drive Cars with an ease.

Then Papa also got a Rajdoot from his Bank which was a heavy Bike for some very difficult terrain. He on his first encounter with it tamed it and I could only admire that. Although it was a nice Bike but we in our family never liked to ride on it with Papa as it looked very antique piece of some history to us.

Since 1997 almost 15 years have passed and our Hero Honda CD100SS had accompanied my Father to Meerut, Gorakhpur, Dehradun and now to Delhi where he got posted after Betul and believe me this Bike still is with us and the sound of the Engine has still not changed and the ride too. My father still rides it and take it to servicing regularly only once its rear Tyre has changed front one still fine and yes the color to is still intact.

Papa is so passionate about it that if given a second chance to own a Bike he would certainly go for the CD100SS although I guess its now available now. 

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  1. Nice story bro n lovely the way you gave words to your emotions... but you skipped mention of days you used to go to market on bicycle n remaining 3 of your family on bike following you... I thing I wish to ask... you mentioned in 89 you was waiting whole day for the bike to come , I wonder how u remember, u must be 4 years old kid then.... nice memory anyway.....

    good to read nice piece from you once again n yess.... best of luck for the contest....

  2.  Yeah I missed that should have written it but already have in a post earlier.
    In 1989 I waited for the Scooter not the Bike and yes i still remember the things when I was three year old so 1989 is still fresh in my memories.
    Hope you also make one entry in the contest and again start blogging :)

  3.  Correction it was 1988 just confirmed with my Father even he remember his childhood
    when he was a small kid.

  4. Interesting story. Good to know the Hero Honda CD100 is still so well-liked. I remember riding it a few times at my maternal uncle's place. Rajdoot is one of my favourite bikes. My grandfather had one and I used to love the sound and majestic stance on the bike. Pity, they changed the design of the bike.

  5. Amazing post Abhishek. Your father seems to have mastered the bike after initially struggling with it. And that highway incident is so scary, thank God for your fathers skill and presence of mind!!
    All the best for the contest:)

  6. CD 100SS is pretty machine, I really loved it. My first bike was a CD Dawn, some say it was a modifed (probably toned down) version of CD100SS.
    Well, I really loved the way you described small details that our family's emotions go on with something like a Bike :)

  7.  yeah I have always heard good things about this Bike.
    Thanks for commenting and reading the post :)

  8.  Thanks Arti for coming here and commenting.
    Your comments I have always cherished.
    Even though I was not here you still came here.
    Thanks :)

  9.  Thanks Puneet for your encouraging comment.
    yeah I also have used CD Dawn, it was pretty similar.
    I see your Blog also very interesting, will go through it too :)

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