Monday, March 19, 2012

Delhi Food Yearning - Parathe Wali Gali

Its almost one year that I have been living in this beautiful city Delhi[we call it Dilli though] and every moment I have spent here has been delightful.

Hence now I would like to make a series of post here on my Blog about some specialty of Delhi. On most of the Fridays or on any other Holiday I with my Friend Amit goes to explore this city. Though during my five year stint in Delhi during mid 90s I have visited most of the places but this time I am trying to visit them again and try to extract more information about unearthed places.

Also being a Foodie I am on the go on net and read Books to get to know about hidden jewels about eatery places here. Today about the place which I am gonna  write is no hidden jewel everyone knows about it " Parathe Wali Gali ".

Recently twice in a span of a week I got opportunity to visit this place both time Amit accompanied me and once Manish.

To reach there just take the Yellow Line #delhimetro to Chandni Chowk which many people Call Heart of this very city. As you come out of Metro station you'll see people in hurry leaving the station and narrow street from station which is filled with small eating shacks selling burgars and Patties [don't go there] , you just continue traversing on it which will lead you to a Mandir[If I am not wrong Lord Kali Temple] take a right turn which will leave you into an Open arm sized dark street[you have to make your way] as you finish it voila you are in Chandni Chowk . It would be one of the most crowded and bustling street you would ever see everyone seems to be in a hurry here.

Parathe Wali Gali

Now pass this street and go to the Opposite side of it and just ask which is the Parathe wali Gali there[Our very own Akshay Kumar is native to this place] Once you get into this street after going some 20 odd meter it takes a right turn and as you move ahead you will see two shops in front[side by side] filled with people and some even waiting for their turns. One shop boast itself to have been  established in 1872 and other 1875, these two shops are the authentic shops of getting Parathas there.

The Actual Shop

Some dignitaries Pics seen there

Once you have got your seat if you will look around you'll see famous dignitaries who have eaten there[Indira Gandhi,Ranbir Kapoor,Imtiaz Ali and the list will go on]. The not so courteous waiter will bring a Plate for you consisting of Spicy Sabjis , soury Chutneys and Pickles. To the menu you can look towards wall which will have complete Menu written on them. My personal favourite there is mix veg Paratha although you get around 20 varieties of Parathas there right from Aloo and Gobhi Parathas to not so heard Lemon and Khurchan paratha[made from  Milk product].

The Menu

Parathas you get here are deep fried, more so they look like Puri filled with different delicacies and one more thing I must add here is that you have to take atleast two Paratha in one plate. Hence what we do is order only one plate and me and my friend share it and yes you get complimentary Sabji as much you want.

The Paratha and Sabji

Parathas are crisp and filling is soft which makes you eat more and more. You have Spiced Potato Sabji, Seetaphal Sabji[Kaddu], Aloo Cholle, Kela Saunt and some ordinary Pickles. For people who do not  like spicy food I must warn you the food served here can burn your tongue on the contrary I can handle such hotness :) Also you can order Sweet or Namkeen Lassi which goes along with the food well.The Parathas are priced between 30 to 50 Rs.

During the high peak hours you have to wait for your turn so it is advisable to plan accordingly. Last time when I went both of these shops were packed to full so we decided to give chance to other shops there[everyone sells Parathas there] but we were very disappointed with the food and the service, hence it is better to avoid them.

Do write in your reviews if you have been there before.



  1. Nice post. I've never been to paranthe wali gali even though I've been to Chandni Chowk a million times but now after reading this one, I am considering to visit it on my next trip to India.

  2. Hmmm..... bhook lag gai..... u both share one paratha each..... on the contrary , at both the times, i went there with you ,after having two ,i wished to have another one ,i m such a bhukkhad..but a preferred to control,really...
    If i am not wrong (i know i m not), it is uncle and aunt in the top pic ? ,convey regards to them....

    Don`t know when i read your posts ,i thing i sud have written on this topic too....i know i cant write but u have such a beautiful blog now u can feel proud about.

    n for sure next time when we`ll go there i will have 3 parathas ,two from mine vn one from your order.

  3. I can't believe you haven't heard of Parathe Wali Gali.
    And now if you have not, you must visit it on your next visit :)

  4. I am also no small Bhukkad the Ultimate Chatora I say to myself always in search of something or other.
    Yes You are not wrong they are Mummy and Papa went there with them in last December.
    I always encourage you to write posts but don't why you are not active there[me also not much], but you have potential.

    In my case sometimes I lose urge to write but then again one day that urge comes back and then I write, about topic there are lots of them around you, I know you can write and you must.

    Yes we'll go there, hopefully  this time when you will come back I will have some new places for you to explore.

  5. What a wonderful post! Brought back memories for me! I have been there once many years ago, oh! It was beautiful! What a paradise for foodie like me. The smells and sounds in there are just something that has to be experienced.
    Well done Abhishek:)

  6. Hey Abhishek,
    Long time. No post. Hope all is fine at your end. Have a nice day:)

  7. I am a huge fan of Parathawala Galli. Am writing a post on Parathawalla galli and am sharing this link in my post as well. Very well written.

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  9. Nice Post Dear ...missing those days ..


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