Saturday, November 19, 2011

Me and My Bicycle

Ok today I would try to write about something from the past. I always wonder why do I write here ? what for ? And the answer I get always is for all of you out there who though not many in numbers but still come here and for one more reason - that when I grow old I will start from the post no 1 on this blog and cherish what my life had gone through all these years.

Few days back I ordered Lance Armstrong's Book "Its Not About Bike - My Journey Back to life " Its a book which tells us how a Bicycle changed his life how he battled with Cancer. So I decided to write about my experiences with Bicycle.

During 1992 my Father got transferred to New Delhi from Meerut so we also shifted to Delhi and I with my Sis got  Admission in an English Medium School in Pascshim Vihar. While I didn't got through the entry exam of my School but Principal of our School was very kind enough to give me entry even I didn't passed the exam too.

I remember it was my first day in the School in Second standard, I was scared as all students in Class were modern to me and speak English while I didn't have any of those qualities in me.
Few minutes would have passed that one teacher entered our Class and started staring at all kids there without uttering a word , then she started calling names of some students one by one and at last I was pointed with a ' You ' yes as she didn't know my name.

Then we were escorted out of our Class and without any briefing we were made to sit in a Mini Bus of our School. As I was new in Delhi didn't know where we were heading, after some 30 minutes we entered into a some park kinda thing which were having traffic lights and roads[ why roads and traffic lights in a park ] also saw some  traffic policemen and I came to know we were in some traffic training park. Then we were given Bicycles to ride upon those roads - I was frightened because never in this world I had rode on Bicycles. I didn't have any idea how to balance them on two wheels.

While my Classmates were completely at ease with it I was the odd one out there, I just roamed there with Bicycle handle in my hands and on foot I helped that Bike to stroll on those  roads. Yes I was feeling shy but nothing could be done. I still remember that day and have a laugh at myself.

Then days passed to months and I never took Bicycle in my hands again for almost a year. Actually I was scared whether I could ride a bike on two wheels or not so I never asked my parents to bought me one then one fine day I saw one of my friends riding the smallest of Bike that you could see on earth and I thought I could handle this even if I lose control I would not get hurt. So I asked him to lend his Bike for some time to me. He was very kind enough to give his Bike in my inexperience hands.

As the Bike was very small I could easily sit on its saddle and at the same time keep my feet on the floor enabling me to control it better.
But as I tried to paddle with one foot the other has to leave the ground as to move ahead and I lost balance I tried  again but could not complete the feat hence at last I said to my friend to give me push and lets see how it goes. This time with push the Bike moved ahead with me top on of it and voila I could balance the Bike for some time. I continued with this and every time I was going ahead and was too happy.

As few years went by I tried my hands on some bigger Bikes off-course not mine but of my friends still didn't have one for mine. 5 years went by and my father again got transferred this time to Betul a Small Distt. in Southern Madhya Pradesh. My mother insisted my Father to purchase one Bike for me and now discussion began in our home to purchase which one for me. My Sister who was also a mug like me when comes to riding a Bike also wanted to have one, so we came to conclusion to go for a Bike which could be friendly for both male and females. 

We went for Hero Impact - it was actually a ladies bike with thin tyres and light weight body, our family of 4 on one fine evening went to purchase it on our Motor Bike and at 1850 bucks if I remember it correctly it was a good purchase. But as I tried to ride over it I stumbled and seeing this my parents told me to not ride it and actually carry with it handles in my hands and stroll all the way back to home which was around 2,3 Kms. Can you Imagine somebody purchased his Brand new Bike and then take it to home on foot - yes I was bit apprehensive too of riding it, was  confused whether I could ride it or not till home.

Next day I was determined to win over it, I took it to an empty park and tried to take control over it and as some say If you can learn riding on two wheels you will never have to learn it again and yes I could ride it again. As I continued on it in come some college going guys came infront of me and I instead of applying brakes rammed into them with Bike, Gosh I was let off after hearing some harsh words from them. Now as confidence grew I took it too streets of my neighborhood, on the very same day while I was riding it a Tractor Trolley passed me and I turned on the side of the street into gravel and slipped. As I slipped front part of my Bike collided with trolley.

This was my first day on my Bike and now I was standing with its front Brake gone with it wire dangling in the air and scratches all over the Bike and the Back Carrier all loosened up. I went back home scared knowing that I would be scolded by all. After some time I got accustomed to my Bike and was going easily to my School and tuition's on it.

 As a family of four and as both kids were growing it was difficult for us to go on our Motor Bike now so I was now taking my Bike where ever my family went, for eg if we were going for a Movie I would be on Bike ahead and my parents and Sis on there Motor Bike behind me, there was a reason keeping me ahead because they could  get an eye on me as they were still not confident of my riding skills.

Few years went by and Bike went old, now my sis also wanted one for her[she never rode on my bike] I started to conspire seeing this  somehow I convinced my Sister and parents that they should purchase a new one for me and this old one would be suitable for my sis who do not have to travel much. At last I was successful and got a new Bike - It was Hero Buzz costed us I guess 2200 bucks - It was male Bike like Hero Ranger with wide tyres and solid body I was in tenth or Eleventh class at that time. This time I rode on it to get it to home from Shop : )

Betul is a beautiful place with hilly terrain making it very good for trekking and riding bikes. With my new Bike I would wander around around all alone to places I never visited. I got one companion my Class mate Deepak Chourasiya to ride along with me on Bike. We would ride on long and winding roads of Betul all day long. Riding on hilly roads up and down taking in the beautiful landscape that Satpura range has to offer. My Bike would take me to each place without complaining a single time. I would ride as fast as I could.

Now my Father again got transferred and this time back to Meerut and I was in my twelfth Class, I was enjoying riding it while my Friends were riding Motor Bikes, then I got into College which was  far and I could not go there with my Bicycle. Four year into College
and now 3 years after it I have not used any Bicycle yet. 

All of a sudden I had this growing desire to ride my bike again, its not here anymore but I know I will get one in future. I never had any desire of purchasing a Car or a Motor Bike, I know I would never have one in future too. I wish one day we will have Bicycles on roads maybe we could have one green day each week and only Cycles would be allowed on that day. There is a person in my Office who is at good position but he always comes on his Bicycle to office with his Helmet on - I want to be like him one day.

P.S - This Post is written for Indiblogger Contest " If you had two more hours in a day, how would you spend it ? " Contest is sponsored by Surf Excel Matic  : )



  1. Hi & Greetings. Chanced upon your blog. Well written. Understand your passion for bikes. Yes you should soon get yourself another bike. Buy a real good one with aluminium body, shox & suspension plus gears & disc brakes. This way your ride will be comfortable and you can travel faster.Bikes are pollution free and are a good source of exercise. And you don't need to spend a single paisa on petrol.

  2. @Ramakrishnan Hey thanks for coming on to the blog, Appreciate your comment.
    Yes when I will purchase a Bike will consider your recommendation for sure.
    Best Wishes

  3. Hi,
    got back to my memories when i learnt riding bicycle...i remember i used to take small bycycles on rent at just Rs 5 per hour and used to have different models every sunday.....while going through your journey,i was remembering mine too...what superb days these were....

    truly classy and decent post by you.....
    and yes if we are provided seperate lanes for bycyles ,i m sure non motor byke user count will increase ........

  4. @Manish Thanks for your comments bhai.
    Yeah I also remembered people taking Bikes on rent, but I didn't knew how to ride them hence just watched them.
    Yes there should be separate lanes for Bikes, but the implementation of such changes is what we should encourage too.

  5. What a Sweet post riding down memory lane... Kids specially have a fascination for bicycles and we all do have certain memories attached to it from our childhood days.. But it is also something that can surely be quite handy and useful especially in today's scenario with the constantly rising environmental pollution...

    Like you said in the end, one green day will certainly do a lot of good and this post is a good direction for that thought..

  6. @Arti Thanks a lot Arti for liking the post and being a regular visitor to this Blog.
    Yes I am planning to get a Bike in future not sure when but would certainly have in future.
    Best Wishes : )

  7. loved the writing.. I just posted a similar blog.. What a coincidence...

  8. Hey Abhishek,
    Came from Arti's blog!
    This is such a heart warming post, we all face such difficulties in life...
    Its great how you won over your fears... Hope you be like the man you described in the end, a great way to reduce pollution!!
    Do check out my cricket blog sometime, I think you are a cricket fan :)

  9. @Zradar Hey thanks for coming to Blog and taking your time to read it.
    Yes I was surprised how similar were our post.
    Best Wishes : )

    @DS Yes I am a Cricket fan, would definitely visit your blog and thanks for appreciating the post and yes I am committed to to fulfill my desire : )

  10. Well written....I really loved it...all the best for the contest.

  11. Great post, abhishek, this reminded me' of buying a gear
    Bycicle (second hand) on a moving out sale. For just 10$ in America, for my son, to go to classes from hostel of his college. I too enjoyed the bike ride there.
    Very nostalgic memories awakened.

  12. @Pramod Great to have you here Pramod first time on my Blog.
    10$ for a geared Bike is way to cheap, You'll not get here in India such a deal for a Second hand Bike.
    Best Wishes : )

  13. Bicycles are part of everyone's almost everyone growing up years. Thanks for bringing back memories of my childhood. I have read Armstrong's book and have loved it..the challenges that he faced are an inspiration to all of us. Best of Luck.

  14. A very interesting post buddy! Guess what, with the ever increasing petrol hikes, roads no loner wider, pollution and health issues, you will surely one day get hold of a bike and will fulfill your wish!! :)

    Binu Thomas.
    Bloggers Park

  15. @bemoneyaware yeah that was some awesome Book, thanks for appreciating work and coming here : )

    @Binu Yes I so so want that time to come, thanks a lot for the comment : )

  16. Replies
    1. It will come back, mark my words : )

    2. @sedated Not yet. It is easy to build a tradition if everyone corporates. We heard how often chinese people use bicycles during the last olympics in Beijing. They are the best example.

  17. Good one. Reminding us our sweet childhood riding experiences. If I say, it was my best friend come neighbour who taught me how to ride, on his father's bicycle. That as a Hercules, the biggest of all bicycle : )

    1. We all have our stories regarding our Bicycles.
      I loved it throughout my life.
      Hercules used to be a big one, that must be hard : )

  18. I am proud to say that the No.1 SCHOOL IN ASIA in which highest percentage of students use bicycle is an INDIAN SCHOOL located in Kasargod district, Kerala state. it's a Govt higher secondary school. They do many natur friendly projects. One of them is against deforestation with the help of Indian Army!!


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