Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ghazal Maestro - Jagjit Singh

First thing that comes to your mind when you think about Ghazals ? Yes I know the answer - Jagjit Singh it is. Sudden demise of him has shocked entire fraternity of Ghazal likers and so does me. 

Hearing the news on one of the TV channels that he had Brain Hemorrhage I began to think about him and remembered some of his ear soothing songs and downloaded " Koi Fariyaad " from " Tum Bin " , then few days later I heard his health is stable and he is improving , little did we knew that he will lose the battle with life and we will just be left with his voice that is now stored in many many magnetic tapes.

Many fear that with him the tradition of Ghazals which is ever decreasing at a very steep rate may soon be over with other top Ghazal Singers like Ghulam Ali fearing the same. Also apart from music in Movies we Indians have more so not given any encouragement to IndiPop music and Ghazals .

I don't know how to pay tribute to the Ghazal Maestro what I have done is collected some tweets on my timeline which were posted as the Singer left this world. My apologies I could not collect all the tweets from the timeline but still got some.

This is what my Indian Friend with whom I interact on Twitter had to say about him ----



Here are reactions from two of my Nepali twitter mates

Here are reactions from some of the tweeples from across the Border in Pakistan

Some tweets from known personalities across India

No wonder he is not present but his voice still sings in our hearts , Thank You Jagjit Singh for giving us such wonderful songs.


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  1. Nice...nice task done of collecting n presenting various condolence tweets in such a cute way..

    what can be a more better way of playing tribute to Jagjeet ji other than this.......

    well done man!!!

  2. @Manish Thank You his excellency : )

  3. good to see u blogging after a long time...

    a good collection of the twitter posts....

  4. @Karthick Thanks man, well I do blog not that often but once or twice in a month, hoping to increase the frequency : )

  5. Indian music lost a soulful voice. A huge loss, I was a big fan of his.
    We also lost Bhupen Hazarika recently, its a bad time for our music industry...

  6. @Arti yeh it is, two of the legends lost in a spate of one month. that loss is irreparable : (


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