Thursday, December 8, 2011

Default Window XP Wallpaper Bliss - Where did it came from ?

I have been thinking about it from sometime and searching on net but don't know why I always forgot about it whenever I come online. What am I talking about ? I bet you have seen it too , its the default XP desktop wallpaper called Bliss. So I began my search on net and now I am here to reveal most of the things in front of you.

This Picture was clicked by Charles_O'Rear    who  happens to be an American Photographer but as he is having Irish name many people thought that he clicked this picture somewhere in Europe but actually this picture belongs to California United States and to be precise Sonoma County.



As you see in the default Picture it looks surreal and below you see the same place but with absolutely different look, there are two reason behind it one after O'Rear clicked this pic the area was converted into a Vineyard and Second when the XP Pic was clicked it was that window of season when everything is green and majestic.

I searched a little and got some other pics of the same area. Below are three of them.

This Picture best resembles the Original One

Inside Vineyard

Now as you have technology by your side and with the advent of Google Street View you can have a 360 degree view of the complete place. JW Van Wessel got the actual coordinates[38.248966, -122.410269 copy paste them in Google Maps] of the place and you can go to Google Maps and see the place by yourself. This is what I did and got some pics for you. 

Image by Google Steet View1

Image by Google Street View2

I guess you must have liked the short story about this pic : )


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  1. Nice post man....i used to think this picture is not at all real and created otherwise....just came to know its all real ..thanks despite the fact i hate this wallpaper always and everytime i format my pc and got it back to see ,i change that instantly.....

    nice man ,i m blissed.......

  2. Wow! I too never knew that this pic is for real. This is an amazing post, you have done great undercover operation here!!!
    Its kind of surreal to look at the original pic.
    Have a nice day Abhishek.

  3. read this story somewhere... but u have given additional info... great to know it and see the pictures... i thought microsoft did some graphics to convert the yellowish one... but seems it is real... interesting!!!

  4. @Manish Thanks on the contrary I love this Wallpaper a lot : )

    @Arti Thanks Arti yes it is absolutely real Pic : )

    @Karthick Glad you got something more in this Post : )

  5. I never suspected bliss was a real photograph, you got intuitive mind, nice going on your part :)

  6. @Harish Thanks a lot friend : ) Keep coming back here : ))

  7. Hey Abhishek, Have a nice sunday!! Keep posting.

  8. @Arti Thanks Arti for again coming to this post, will post a new one soon : )

  9. Nice post dude! BTW Merry Christmas!!! :)

  10. @Tirumal Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too : )


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