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A Day out in Connaught Place

While the last post of mine was dedicated to some Historical Place today I am here narrating you about my day off with my family yesterday at one of my fav place in Delhi, Connaught Place or Rajiv Chowk now is one place in Delhi that I visit very often,  as I travel to my work I change my DelhiMetro here from Yellow line to Blue line in morning and vice-versa in evening. Most of the times on Friday evenings I with @i4mit while returning from Office venture out there, we watch crowd, eat something, do some shopping and return.

Yesterday I had taken an off from my Office as my Sis and Brother in law were there in town and they wanted to do some shopping from CP and from neighbouring Janpath Market, so me with my Mom and didi Jijaji left home at 2 pm, first visited Teen Murti Bhawan - residence of late PM Jawahar Lal Nehru - about that visit I would have to write a separate post so let me return to Connaught Place.

After having little difficulty to park our Car in the inner circle parking we hit out at Shopping[ I am not a shopaholic was just accompanying my dear ones I just like to observe things]. CP was recently renovated on the brink of Commonwealth Games so it looked a little better than it was back few years back.

My Sis lives in Gujarat and her first stop was at this Gujarati stall, although they didn't purchased anything from here but wasted quite a bit of time.

The next stop was a Book stall having latest Books covering each genre, I am always fascinated by Books[not academic] so this place was of my liking but I didn't pick any of them although Sis took 3 Chetan Bhagat kinda Novels, don't remember their names but on all three Best Seller was written[ I doubt that they actually were].

And there was recently launched Shoaib Akhtar's autobiography too, you can figure it out.

As Jijaji Paid for the Books in return for the Chillar see what he got, that's rare when you get three of those.

Then there was this Posterwala stall but they were very expensive just took one pic of it.

Now we moved towards SreeLeather Shop an Iconic shop for Cheap and durable Leather products primarily for Shoes, this shop happens to be in the Regal Cinema Compound.

 Except me everyone got Shoes and Sandals for themselves while I captured some pics for you.

As we moved out had some tasty Bhelpuri.

As we were crossing road captured this lovely view of kabutar's[Pigeon's] having feast on dana's

LIC building at CP has always amazed me with its beautiful architecture , the red stone , the trusses that connects main building to the outer Pillar its just a super architecture.

Then there was this Pen shop with varieties of Pens just besides Pind Baloochi Restaurant .

Now we moved towards Janpath market, I don't have a liking for it but Ladies I guess like it as lots of new stuff for them is available there, I just passed my time and clicked some pics.

Remember Ravish ki report on NDTV ? So have a look at this pic that is from Ravish ki report and the one that I clicked

Just got to see this Colorful shop in Janpath market with lamps and stuff.

As we moved in Janpath market saw a Shakergandh[Sweet Potato]  thela could not resist to munch on it with a tangy Kamrak[kinda tangy fruit]

In the mean time ladies has finished with their shopping so we decided to to move out and return also we were tired a bit now.
We came back to our Car and returned home, to all those who didn't have much idea about Connaught Place can just Google it or can follow this link. I now take an exit from here and leave you with some other pics that i clicked.

Oh I am back forgot to mention one thing, there was one street shop where every wrist watch was of hundred Rupees only that's just two US dollars isn't it very cheap and all of the watch their were of latest trend.

That's all , hope you liked the post : )








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  1. A colourful,mind refreshing, great post that took me back to the day when we roamed there in August.
    Means sur post is so live that it makes one to think of his/her visit to CP last time...
    That Ravish ki report pics are quiet similar rather same....
    And that wrist watch shop is same i think ,where you offered me to have a watch,dont know why i refused that offer that time..
    Really all the pics were just great...
    When i first read in twitter that u wrote post on CP visit,i thought it wud be a bit boring but it is so lively.....nice post....

  2. @Manish bhai that offer is still open next time you come here you'll get it, yes Ravish ki report pic was clicked at same place. Clicked some pics yesterday there was not much in the post, but its always nice to watch pics rather reading a post.

  3. Oh, I loved this post! Wonderful, You just took me along as well :) And all it has done is that it has left me longing for more! My favorite stall here is the bhelpuri one, love shopping too but food especially the street side ones, is completely irresistible for me :D

  4. wonderful!!! gave an insight of how connaught place looks like... loved the watches.... book stall was nice... dad gave me some 10 rupee coins few years back... still having it.... no one is using those coins... don't know why!!!

  5. @Arti Thanks for commenting and coming here again, I guess you must have visited Connaught Place Before,Its a nice place love visiting there.

    @karthick I guess people are making their collection with the coins, they looks so cool no body wants to use them.

  6. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely ride!

  7. @Kalyan I guess you are first time on my Blog, thanks a lot for praising the pictures but I am no photographer.

  8. Oh by showing these photos you made me nostalgic & I want to go there again. Photos are very normal for a local there but a treasure for us who can't go there too often.
    Nice photos.

  9. @Nisha So nice to see at my blog again. Sorry I am coming back to your blog and will be going to each and every post that I left how did I forgot your Blog.

  10. Wonderful to see all the photographs of your day out in Connaught Place.
    The shopping looks fabulous and I your photographs are amazing.

    Happy weekend

  11. @Carolyn Thanks again for coming to the blog.
    I visited your blog and liked your recent stint in France too.


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