Friday, February 4, 2011

Ever Growing Indian Population

I was thinking whether to write this post or not but in the end I
decided to write on this issue. I don't understand why the Govt. or
any other political party don't talk about this issue. I am talking
about the ever increasing population of our Country India.

India is the Second most populated country in the world but area wise we are only the Seventh largest. This shows we have less number of resources per human being and we are at a disadvantage as compared to other nations. There are nations with size double as of India but Population only 10 percent compared to ours, no shock that they are doing better than us.

I have two maternal Uncles and three maternal Aunts that means their family was of eight including my Mom and her parents, I am sure this does not astonishes you as most of you also have same kind of families before, but if this continues to happen in this age Unemployment and Inflation will only rise.

I live in Western Uttar Pradesh , when I move out from my home the
only thing that I see is hoards and hoards of people , Delhi is 70km
from where I live and there is no place in between where you open your eyes and see no people.

During my First job which lasted a little more than a year I
extensively traveled in my region both rural and Urban areas. City in
which I live Meerut have population around 2.5 mn , Hindus comprises of about 65 % whereas Muslims are more than 30 % , while present Hindu family have around 2 Children per family but this is not same in case of Muslims.

When you visit Muslim Society what you see is dozens of members in families, small Children's who don't go to Schools just wandering
outside their homes. I have seen Muslims guys of my age and having 3,4 Children and counting. It looks they are happy with it and don't care about it. They don't go to Schools and from small age only they start working in Factories and Shops. Yes they are uneducated but its not a big deal to know that having many Children will eventually hurt you and eventually the Country. Educated Muslims are not the same they rarely have more than two Childs.

On the other hand I have seen many Hindus who would continue to
reproduce until they get a male Offspring. The Family that lives in
front of my home had a Boy after three Girls and no wonder the mother loves her Son the most and this is just not one example there are many of them, does it guarantees that the Son will take care of you not your daughter? Its high time we move ahead and be sensible.

China is little more populated than India but the land area is three
times of ours and from last 30 years they are following One Child
Policy and its just not a coincidence that they are one of the leading
powers of the World. If they who have almost the same population and area 3 times ours could acquire this kind of policy 30 years back why have not we started thinking about it yet ?

Why Govt. and so called Opposition is mute about this? Everyone knows that this ever-growing population will dearly hurt all of us. The fact of the matter is no one wants to lose the vote Bank, so called Secular Congress would not like to lose Muslim votes and BJP either didn't want to be in tangle. The Country is moving on its own, Political parties wants to rule they don't want to govern. Forgot One Child Policy you could enforce Two Child Policy system. To move forward you have to take some hard steps, but if your party is not capable then your leader should be, but our Honorable Prime Minister does not have his say or maybe he is too afraid to utter and if he cannot he has no right to hold his position he better resign.

I am not a Pro BJP person neither an Anti Muslim rather a Person who loves his country more than anything and wants a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

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  1. For People who are not educated, its a BIG DEAL for them to know that producing more children will hurt them,

    In hindus, its the culture of having atleast One Boy in family and in muslims its the faith that if God gives you children, he will feed them as well, So both of these people just keep producing without thinking that at the end of the day, its your who will have to feed them....

  2. Yes you are very correct,no party in india is willing to take the risk by raising this issue.
    Moreover,not even media ever raise this topic because even they are worried for their TRPs otherwise media can make anything possible if raise some issue extensively.....but such policy is the need of the hour........Infact, there are several other options,initially you dont make two child policy a law but make arrangements that such families with two children or less are given priority in government organizations n jobs..etc etc .....several other alternatives can also be there....but nobody is even thinking about it......
    Abhi very nice post on very good topic but i dont understand why was you hesitating writing on this topic???? was u also thinking writing on this topic may reduce no of visitors from one section of society??
    anyway nice post.................

  3. very true... until government forces people, they won't understand; particularly the illiterate people... i don't accept ur point with china... they r very strong now, but bcoz of their 1 child policy, they don't have enough youngsters to assume responsibility... so their government has converted it to 2 per family... 2 per family is correct and our government should enforce it...

    good to see u post after such a long time!!!

  4. Yes, i agree. Population is ever increasing and there are no steps taken to tackle this problem, and over population then leads to other problems like hunger and poverty which are difficult to handle as well!
    A very brilliantly written thought provocative post!

  5. Human populations should be urged to grow naturally, at the full natural rate unhindered, so that more and more people may experience life. Effort should only go towards population accommodation, never to try to slow nor "control" the natural rate of population expansion.

    It's okay for India to be so dense with people, for all countries have their duty to do their part to help the planet hold more people, especially via growing denser by their own naturla increase - their very own children.

    Avoid nasty Big Pharma contraceptive potions and poisons. No need to directly pollute or sabotage the natural life-giving function of the body of procreation. Nature is resilient, and the world can much more easily withstand or absorb the naturally-rising human population "pressure," than people can be expected to struggle against nature to "control" their fertility.

    Families can continue to enjoy growing as large as ever, for humans can ADAPT. A denser world is far more preferable, to being denied our basic God-given right to have "all the children God gives." So it's best, for the sakes of our children, the populous many, everybody, to welcome babies to go on pushing out naturally, without any contrary-to-nature "birth control."

    "How can there be too many children? That's like saying there are too many flowers." Mother Teresa


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