Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Any Guesses ?

Hello there ! How are you ? Doing fine na ? Had your meal ? Howz the Climate ? Any Problem ? Money Problem ? Heart Break ? No ? What CellPhone do you use ? And Connection ? PostPaid or PrePaid ? Whats you height ? plus or minus 5feet 7inches ? Do you use PC or Laptop ? Is it night or day at your place ? Brushed your teeth today ? Whats going through your mind ? Watched any Movie today ? Do you own a two wheeler or a Four wheeler ? Enough ??? ...... Ok one para is finished now, just asked some crazy questions as i don't have much to write today.One thing you tell me how many questions you answered ? 

But i have something for you, a little trivia , i have a pic... wait 1 not 2, you just have to recognize the person. Lets see if you could get him or not.

So here are the Pics.....

Both Pics belongs to same person.

* He is 30 years Old.
* If you like Movies then you must know him.
* He Once went to Jail also.
* Was very Close to a renowned

I had so many pictures of him but then if I show you them you will get him in one go,still should not be a difficult one.

Image Courtesy Wikipedia.

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  1. No guesses,
    Not a big hollywood movie fan...I pass this one!

  2. Macaulay Culkin of home alone fame .


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