Friday, November 19, 2010

India - that we are not !

Again today i am free and don't have much work so i feel to write, to say whats in my mind. Meanwhile the winter season has just picked up and my passion of sleeping has just gone better. I have chosen the topic on which I would write today.

From the last few years we are constantly hearing that China and India would be the next Super Powers of tomorrow and yes it could be true but as the present situation is looking to me we Indians have lot of ground to cover to even come close to what China it is today.

I think I am a true patriotic person towards my Country but sometime i feel we are not that great as we are projected by us and other Countries. After the emphatic performance in Commonwealth Games we are faring badly in Asian Games. The Country which came second amongst 62 CWG nations is 12th amongst some 40 odd Asian countries.We got most of our gold Medals in Shooting,Wrestling and Boxing in CWGS but in Asian games you have tough competition and Shooters who won Gold medals in CWGs are not even coming in top ten postions in Asiad. Out of some 200 Gold Medals thats been given away uptill now India has fetched only 2 of them thats about a percent only, i am afraid its a shame. The Country which has second largest population in world is lagging behind small countries like Hong Kong and  Kazakhstan.Personally I would prefer a Bronze Medal in Gymnastic, Rowing, Swimming or in Wushu then a Gold in Shooting or Wrestling.

We Indians are very proud of being the Second largest English Speaking country in the world and consider speaking English as one of ours Status Symbol but we should not forgot that most of the Developed Countries emphasize their Mother Tongue, you would never see a Chinese,Korean,French or US premier speaking in any other language but their Mother Tongue. I here by wants to say that its not bad to speak English but its bad when you give much more importance it over your Mother Tongue.

Coming to Politicians we have worst of them here in India. When someone comes to Politics their aim should be to benefit common man  but the case is otherwise here and i don't have to give you example here you know all of them. Can you name me one Politician in our country who has been given any harsh punishment for his wrong deeds ? Even i can't ! Why can't their be a retirement age in Politics ? We do not want to be ruled by people who are 75,80 or more years old. People like Sharad Pawar, Lal Krishna Advani still wants to be Prime Minister of this Country when they should be spending their time on Bed. You would see the Cabinet Positions are all filled by family members only of a Politicians. They do not want to work for people they just want to rule us and make money.

One thing i never understood is that why don't India have a very tall building ? Well most of the other Countries amongst we compete have them. US,China,Canada,Brazil,Australia,Japan all have high rise buildings forgot 100 storey we even don't have a 50 storey building. Can you name a monument that we had made after Independence and that has fascinated you ? there are not much of them.

Coming to Unemployment we have lacs of Unemployed people here in India who are well educated but still no Job for them. Where does all the jobs goes ?  they goes to non deserving candidates who have their near and dear ones already working in those organizations. Before we used to think that bribery and false Candidates getting jobs happens in Govt. department only but ask anyone working in Private sector he will tell you better.

Indeed Indian Armed forces are amongst the best in world but in Arms department we have to rely on foreign soil only. Why can't we make weapons on our own and we could also export them ? We have most of the defense materials exported from Countries like Russia,France,Israel and US. We are proud of our Missile program but all the techniques are Russian. We have are Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] Tejas which we are building it from ages but still we could not Induct it in our Air Force. We thought it would be indigenously made from its design,engine and material but now we are fitting Foreign made Engines into it, so will it be our Success after its made ?

For most of the things we blame our Govt. yes they should be blamed but, we common people should also have some duties towards nation. You would see most of our home very neat and clean but when we move outside our home we would spill all the waste material on road or in open only. We have dustbins at the Chaat Shop but we would deliberately put the waste paper plate in open instead of Dustbins.

We India is the Biggest and prosperous country in our Sub Continent area but to prosper you should have better relations with your Neighbours too and sadly we don't have great relations with them. Forgot Pakistan whom we consider as our arc rival we even don't have good relations with countries like Bangladesh,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Myanmar its just Bhutan with which we have harmony. Being the Big Brother amongst them India should hear their voice too and should try to settle disputes with them Otherwise China is there to help and to serve them.

There are lot of things that i still could narrate here which do not indicate much good for us but, firstly we should not live in the dream that we are the best. Yes we have some best Entrepreneurship skills amongst us but,if we could manufacture our own things and would rely on them rather on foreign goods then we could make some progress.

I wrote this piece because i was hurt of all the wrong things that are happening in our own Country and i think each of us is responsible for this and its only us who can change this.


  1. nice post showing all your frustration and hate... there is one and only one reason behind this... that is our politics... as long as we have politicians who give importance to money, than people and people who vote not for country's welfare, but just because of money given to them, we can't do much... politicians must change and for that, people must change 1st...

  2. Thanks Karthick for your comments.
    Yes we all had to be blamed for this.
    We have a long way to go.

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  4. Very thought provoking post.

    We ourselves are responsible for it. We are the ones who opt to choose such govt. Actually we deserve such treatment. It's all bcoz of 'chalt hai' attitude.

  5. Thanks for visiting !
    Will sure participate in it.

  6. Thanks for liking it Nisha !
    I am a fan of your blog.
    Its just very nice.


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