Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whats coming on my Mind !!!

Its been longtime that i posted something here, so today as i don't have any work to look after i will write a little here. The main reason for not scripting anything here was that i was busy with the work and whatever free time i was getting i used it to relax out from the workload.

I don't have anything in my mind to write about hence i will pen down whats crossing my mind. Today US President came to India on his maiden visit here, lots of hype have been given to his trip . He just visited Taj Hotel in Mumbai and when he addressed Media, he condemned the 26/11 incident in every possible manner but he didn't mentioned Pakistan and for this our Media is going Bizzare ! Yes we know that Pakistan was behind these attacks but why would Obama refer to Pakistan who also happens to be their strategic partner in their war against terror ? Politics is a difficult game , you have to keep everyone happy and thats what he is doing. We should not rely on US for our matters with Pakistan we must be capable on our own atleast he has chosen India and not Pakistan for his Asian visit.

Moving ahead yesterday we Celebrated Diwali, we say it as the Festival of lights and yes it is also. For once i thought people are not much interested in burning crackers with large thuds now but i was wrong, infact this Diwali for me created more Noise Pollution i could smell the Barood[whats the English word for it ? Gun Powder ?] in my room up-till 12 in the midnight. I just bought 5 Anaars and 2 Packets of Bijli Bombs with my Cousin of which one is still left they costed just 212 INR.

At present i am the lone member at my Home, Mom and Dad have gone to my Maternal Grandfathers home, they tried to convince me to visit with them a lot but could not deter my hard will. My Parents cares a lot for me and still thinks i am same 6 year old who can't live alone but, i understand their feelings every parent is like this. For afternoon lunch Mom had prepared Shimla Mirch Sabji[Capsicum Sabji] and Paranthas which i had eated for Dinner i don't have anything so i would be cooking Maggi and that is all what i could cook.

Off late i am also worried about my future whether i would find some stable job or not ? This Job that i am doing at present is making me to think this, at present i am not enjoying it, lot of work , no rewards, no increment and lastly what i hate most about it is that its a field job and i am tired of it. I have given two Bank exams with a little preparation and my take is will not clear any of them, i am trying to focus for future exams but i am lacking consistency and hardwork for it. My Mom is constantly worried about myself. I don't know what to do, i must not give up, they say if you do hardwork you could achieve your goal , i guess this is the only option that i have.

Yesterday on the Occasion of Diwali one of our Neighbour sent their Daughter In Law back to her home, She was married i guess two years back and recently had a Baby Boy, i don't know what happened with them but still the Guy[the Husband] should have prevented this and must have taken side of his Wife. My Mom told that the In Laws of that lady were telling to her parents that take your girl away otherwise they will kill her.She went with her parents and her Husband remained silent all this time. You get people of everykind i hope all goes well with her.

So, its been 45 minutes that i started writing this, there is lot that i wanted to write but for the time being its all what i could write, now will go towards Dinesh Wagles latest post on his 2 years in Delhi that he just posted.


  1. Tell you what,Without sticking to a topic specifically,you have done good by writing your heart out.
    Good and interesting post.

  2. Thanks Sir for your valuable comment on this post.
    Ya its better to write your heart out then to write nothing.

  3. what to say i m not getting? moreover after going thru nice n simple post i have also got tensionised as being in same cmpny i m in more worst O&M deptt. and that too so far from home so i sud be more worried.but its good to know u r preparing well for exams !!
    Anyway nice post,nice view on obama, but just 2 anaars and bijli bombs cost 212 ,its too much....overall nice expression of thoughts !!

  4. I Must tell you that i am not preparing well for the exams, looks like its not my Cup of tea.
    Maybe we could not get anything from Obamas trip but still he came here.
    Yes these stuff are very costly now a days and i didn't much either with them.
    You should not be worried about your job you have a good future here in this company only.

  5. NO way bhai,no good future here and the real fact is ,i dont like the field job and that much pressure of picking phone 24*7.It feels like commit suicide when phone rungs at 4 am.
    Really we hit the wrong bell,one cant get satisfaction in this job.Discovery can plan a show on our job under banner "Dirty jobs of the world"

  6. haha, sahi bilkul dirty job he hai yaar.
    lage rho bhai.


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