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My Favourite Songs !

From last few weeks my laptop's audio is not working and is mute, i have downloaded many drivers and implemented them but none worked taken advice from many and still no result.In fact i don't know its a Software or a Hardware problem - if any of you want to give an advice here its most welcome i will implement that also. Also thanks to my Mom the Mp3 player that i was having is also not working as it took a swirling ride in Washing Machine with dirty clothes.

I usually use my laptop to watch films and hear online music, now as both music devices at my place are dead(virtually) i am missing my music more. Now other Option is to listen it on my Phone but unfortunately my phone have internal memory of 32Mb and it does not support a memory card and my other phone which supports memory card its ear phone is not working. I am not a big music freak but because of all the wrong reasons i mentioned above i am missing music a lot. Hence i am devoting this post to music.

I will write down my favourite hindi Songs in no order here. I had spent four hours today in selecting them so kindly give your attention to them and one more thing yes most of these songs are new, i guess no song is more then 20 years old.

So here i go - 

Mar Jawan from Fashion

In recent times this is my fav song,looks like some new Singer has sung it(Shruti Pathak) i also liked some Arabic words sung by one of the music director Salim Merchant. Salim Sulaiman represents new breed of young music directors, i remember them standing in Chorus of an old pop song(but forgot that song) they are going to make big in Bollywood in future. 

Zara Zara from RHTDM(i think you can expand it)

Very nice and soothing song, googling it shows me that it is Sung by Jayashree well nice voice i think i have heard about her and music director is Harris Jayaraj well who is he and where is he now after making so many good songs for this album. Madhvan and Dia Mirza are both looking fat in this movie. 

Saathiya from Saathiya

As this song does not have much music in it the lyrics and voice of Sonu Nigam does the trick. Lyrics are not typical Bollywood kind of, the song picks the tempo as the first word Saathiya of this song is uttered by Sonu and lastly music director is Rahman.

Lagan Lagi tumse from Paap

This is the first time i heard Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and i was always wondering who this new singer is and the Music Director is Anu Milk, now a days you don't get many good songs from him. I also try to sing it(only sometimes)  and all the time i lose my breath well i am not a singer just a just a.... sorry i am not getting the word. Also along with the song you get to see the beauty of the place where its shot looks like its Ladakh.

Aaooge jab tum Sajna from Jab We Met

Director Imtiaz Ali with Kareena during the shoot of this song

This song belongs to my Favourite Movie,you get to feel the pain of Kareena(i am not reffering towards Shahid's and Kareena breakup during this film). Whenever i am sad i hear it and becomes more sad but jokes apart this is the best sad song of our era.

Pehla Nasha From Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander

Its amongst the first few songs of my Fav Singer Udit Narayan also Music Director Jatin Lalit were very new and fresh infact they have acted in some of the shots of this very film . I want to share one interesting thing about this song with you that this song is shot in slow motion but if you see this song the lip-syncing goes in normal tempo(did you understand what i am trying to say ?)  

Baho Ke Darmiyan from Khamoshi

This whole film has music attached to it, most of its song are very melodious but this one stands out for me. You get to hear smooth sound of Alka Yagnik . Sanjay Leela Bhansali(see he has his Mother's name as his middle name) always have some good music with his films but none better than this.

Sandese aate Hai from Border

Best Patriotic song of our time, Sonu Nigam and Roop Kumar Rathore won many accolades for this song, this song came at a time when Kargil war was fought and it increased nationality amongst us also its the best work of Anu Malik.

Aaye ho Meri Zindagi mein from Raja Hindustani

Listen to this song if you are in Love with someone, you can hear this song in most of the marriages i guess its tailor made for marriages. Can you guess who is the music director ? Nadeem Shravan (after this film Nadeem flew to England as he was accused in murder of Gulshan Kumar and havn't returned yet), but this song will touch your heart.

Koi Fariyad from Tum Bin

I just like this song very much you could expect this kind of singing from Jagjit Singh Only, music directors are Nikhil Vinay(where are they now ?) again a film which had many good songs and did well despite all the actors were new.

O Re Piya from Aaja Nachle

No Point in showing films Pic here

Well this film didn't ran but this song did, Rahat Fateh ali Khan at his best. Song have both low pitch and High pitch areas(yes i do know something about music also). One of the first hit songs from Salim Sulaiman jodi.

Aye Ajnabi from Dil Se

Another Gem from Udit Narayan and A R Rahman, what do more i say about this song, if you have it on your music device just hear it.

Apart from them i also like Hum Aapke hai Kaun from Hum aapke Hai Kaun, Tum Mile from Criminal, Fiza from Fiza, Na tum Jaano Na Hum from Kaho na Pyar Hai, Tu hee re from Bombay,Laree Chootee from Ek Chalis Ki Last Local and Yeh Hosala from Dor.

I know you all will also be having your favourites, please write them out in comment section. I know there are better songs then these songs also but at present they are only coming to my mind. While my interest is in Sufi, Indipop and Indian Classical music but i am open to all kind of good music and will welcome your suggestions.

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  1. Interesting post !!nice songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Apart from these i do like ....chaandi jaisa rang hai tera.......,made in india.......,khilona jaan kar tum to......,and many more old songs.......

  2. Ya there are many other songs that i like but i reserved this post only for Bollywood Hindi songs, for other non filmy songs i will have another post sometime later.

  3. Dear Abhi i would like 2 say for u & ur Post that i always been crazy to see ur post whether i go online for 2 min 0r 1 hr either on mobile net or cafe.......

    Really liked ur all post & yesterday's was differeny & some are also my favourites Buddy like aaoge jab tum ,pahla nasha etc

  4. Even you have paid visit and not replied i would hv liked then also.
    Ya i am still finding a solution for it.
    I understand you would not be listening to them thats fine.
    But what about Eppidi Pode Pode (pronunciation and spelling could be wrong) ?

  5. Some of them I have never heard before. But i like this one very much "Pehla Nasha From Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander".
    some of my fav songs are in movies like Rock On,Lagaan etc. Now when I want to write down them nothing comes to my mind.

  6. Hey thanks for the comment.
    Most of them are known by everyone.
    Ya Pehla Nasha is also my all time favourite too.
    Rock On has some very loud songs i also liked them.

  7. Hey,
          Nice post.Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful!I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post thanks.
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  8. Are you the Vinay to whom i talk Daily ?
    I know you have read all of my posts irrespective of the fact where you are but this is the first a comment here.
    Thanks Friend !

  9. yup m d same to whom u talk daily

  10. Thanks for being loyal follower of this blog bhai.

  11. hi,

    sorry for the late comments... i was not at home for a while and in home too, i was quite busy... a nice post devoted to music... it seems all misfortunes hit u together... i'm also not a great music fan, but do hear them a lot. i don't hear hindi songs and hence no comments on ur selection... good post...


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