Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some Changes in my Life

I have been trying from sometime to live a disciplined life, on some accounts I have been doing OK but on most I have failed but still from time to time I try to add something or the other to make my living more clean.

My Family knows about this and do not interfere much with my lifestyle although they do not follow it much themselves, like if we are out for IceCream I through the wrapper in the dustbin and if it is not available I'll put it in my pocket and throw it back in dustbin at home similarly when I see someone from my family just throwing the wrapper in open I pick it up[thinking next time they would not do but it doesn't happen]. 

Since many days or I should say years I have been downloading lots of pirated music and stuffs[which most of us do] and few months back a twitter friend of mine posted a tweet about him being against using pirated products which made my eyes roll. Intentionally or unintentionally we daily use lots of non genuine or pirated stuffs which makes quite a big hole in owners pockets. So I decided to stop using such things.

Its a difficult task to follow I know and I may end up using such pirated items by mistake but I think gradually I can improve on it.

Now what things I have stopped using from now on ?

During my daily #delhimetro travel I used to pass my time by listening to music which I had stored on my phone, I had only once in my life purchased genuine music online and that too some songs that I didn't liked much. So I had deleted all the songs that were stored in my phone and now I don't have anything to listen to. Now to overcome it I need to purchase music I had sought some options like purchasing a particular song[which I really like] through Flipkart which costs around 5-15 INR or more, a friend of mine has told me to use Nokia Music which lets you download unlimited music at around 100 INR per month but then I don't have a Nokia Phone[my mom has one though].If you know any cheaper source kindly enlighten me on it.

In day to day life we watch latest Bollywood flicks or some Classic Hollywood movies but as most of them are downloaded illegally hence I can not use them also ,I have a huge collection of them in my laptop so they are also getting out from it. My Colleagues were the source of such kinda movies to me and when I told them about my intentions there reactions were like are you Mad ? Some smiled  about it some think I am overreacting and my Sister call me "Sanki"[don't know what you call Sanki in English]. Asked a friend of mine how to manage with this  the suggestion was to purchase movies on rent from libraries. Me being a very lazy person doesn't look like would go to a library to ask for a movie so If a friend of mine who is having original dvd of some flick can only help me here. If you have anything to help kindly share to me.

Last year I had purchased my Cellphone and I have over explored it I guess and have been quite instrumental to use applications which are paid on the market by downloading them illegally and also have spread them on to many of my friends too. All such applications and their setups are now out of my Phone. Now how should I cope with it ? If there is a certain paid app which I want I could try a similar non paid app or a free version of that app[if there is one] or may be purchase it, I tried once to purhchase an app from Google Play store but was not successful[they told my Card was not valid].

Now the hardest of the thing - is to speak truth. I know I can cope with the things I mentioned above but this one is bit tough for me. Although I don't lie much but then I have some tendency to lie when someone ask me where are you / would you do this / can you help me in this / do you know how to do this / are you free on that day ? I tend to make false statement when such kinda things are asked to me If I am not open to such questions, then for escaping from one false statement I have to make another one and I end up nowhere. Now what I am doing about it ? Everytime such things comes up I try to think about the result, am I doing a good thing by fooling someone I ask this to myself, it helps a little but there are things which becomes habit and takes time to go off. Again if you have any advice throw it towards me.

Now what could be the implications of such lifestyle on my life ? Whats foremost coming to my mind is what I would say to my Sister when she returns to home later next year as I know she will ask for movies that were in my laptop and music in my phone which she enjoys quite a lot. She would be rude to me but then I don't have any choice, I could spend a little money on it which would not do, may be she would second my thinking [no chance of it]. Another implication which could happen in coming years is when I get married, the lady would think this guy is completely out of his mind[she would actually] may be she would change me and I would be back to square one ? Who knows this might  happen they can do anything.

After reading this much please do not think I am a perfect person and very sane one, infact If I start searching for a single limitation in me I would end up finding many. I don't have any intention or want to force anyone to start following what I have written here in their own lives. There are possibilities that instead of doing anything good in your life it might badly hurt you. 

In future if I found anything other than these things[ I would certainly] which I should start following or prohibit myself from I would definitely go for them and If you have any suggestion what I should or should not do please tell me I would like to encorporate them in my life too.


  1. haaah..... what to write???? ...... m speechless... sometime back when i asked u about tweetings n u told me that now you dont use pirated version of apps...i was surprised ,rather worried that how would you cope ,i told my friend all this..n u know what he said: you are mad n ur friend is more mad than you.
    I affirmed.
    Fact is we all know what you are doing is correct but following this is ultra difficult n next to impossible hence anyone trying to do all this is often referred as mad........
    I know you are doing all these things from long time ,that wrapper thing since college days i guess,not giving anything to beggar among few....
    In fact these two things which i learnt from you ,i do still follow n tell others to follow too but fail maximum times.
    Of all above written things ,not to lie is the toughest..
    I remember once you promised me that you will do the schooling of your kids in govt schools not in private.

    When i recall all these things ,i sometimes think u have something different in u,u are more than just a normal man.

    n really bro ,i am honoured to have you as my best friend.I have a lot to learn from you.

    All the very best ,may god make your such a typical path a bit simpler...


    1. Yeah its been going fine, I have not heard any song from my Phone neither have watched any Movies and on the speaking truth front I am trying hard and its going Okay.
      I remember when we had discussion sometime back in Delhi about this Private and Govt. School issue, I said I will not give any donation fee for them let it be private or Govt. School, its difficult but not impossible, that time is little far so I would be more stern at that time I suppose.
      And I am just an ordinary Guy not much people notice me and know about me in fact you are way better than me have good confidence too.
      As I follow Mahatma Gandhi, like him I like trying different things and experimenting and in future I'll try more.
      And lastly I really appreciate your comments here.
      Thanks :)

  2. Nice post ! Good to see more and more people in India realizing this.
    For Music, I will suggest you to buy Nokia phone.
    Cheap and Best X2-02 which comes with 3 months Nokia Music subscription. After 3 months , you can continue to extend by paying Rs. 113/ month or Rs. 281/3 Months.
    Then you can download music via PC as well as phone. This music is DRM free so you can transfer it to your other phones. Though people share it also but I think that will be ethically wrong if not legally(?)
    You can start applying same principle to other things like mobile apps, desktop OS, programs.
    You know there are alternatives if you really want to find those :)

    1. Thanks Suyog, I really don't have any idea about your Name just knew you by your twitter handle @mobilyog :)
      Yeah I have been culprit on that note so I decided its not the right way to go.
      If I can not afford those things I would definitely not use the pirated version of those.
      Have sent you a query on Twitter :)

    2. Hahaha, yes my name is Suyog. Since I came on twitter to follow my favourite people in mobiles and technology, I made it as mobileyog :)

  3. Making an effort is as important as bringing in a change and it is so inspiring to see someone do it. Kudos, Abhishek! Though I can really empathize with the reactions of your sister when she returns home :D

    Having said that, I am not a mobile music person and rarely listen downloaded stuff, for me its mostly FM radio or music from cd's that I buy from music stores. The paper wrapper thing is something I do on a lot of occasions and posts like these only strengthen it further. Thanks for the post and Wish you the best in all your efforts :)

  4. Thanks Arti for the encouraging Comments :)
    Seeing you follow all these it also strengthens my will.
    I know there are lot of people following these things and yes FM radio is also a good option which I should try have it in my Phone :)

  5. Honestly, if you wish to live disciplined life, here in reference to your post, to follow music, then to practice music – singing or playing instrument – by yourself is the best way, and the only way. Check this statement with any musician of some standing, not a "sadak-chhap" musician.
    Second best is to listen live music, not affected by public address systems i.e. loudspeakers etc. or on any gadget, including TV /Radio etc.
    Best Wishes :)

  6. That was a commendable list of 'to do' things to improve yourself as a person. You are so right about us using illegal things without realising it. And making the effort is as commendable as licking a bad habit, as Arti has pointed out.

    1. Thanks Zephyr for coming to my Blog.
      Much Appreciate :)

  7. We always blaming and pointing out others mistakes, but you have taken a very nice and positive step to do something good. Please keep it up. :)

    1. Thanks Abu for commenting, I would like to carry forward this initiative of me :)

  8. Congrats! At least you started doing what you felt is right. And making an effort is equally important as changing yourself.

    "if it is not available I'll put it in my pocket and throw it back in dustbin at home" I also do the same since many years and people call me crazy.
    Not now, but after a few years you'll see the change within you and in people who are closer to you.

    All the best!

    1. Thanks a lot Nisha for your Comment and its very nice to see you back here.
      People like you encourages me.
      Off to read your Blog :)


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