Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Will be Back Soon

Its been around 5 months that I haven't posted anything here on my beloved blog, time has changed a lot I have moved on to my new job which is a pleasant change for me but I have also lost my laptop which I have to return as I resigned to my last job. But the biggest offender is me as my laziness has not left me still I mean I could have made time for my blog still.

Now I have purchased this new Android phone which was my dream for so long, I am testing it daily and learning new things by it too. I'll try to use it for blogging I know this phone can not replace a Computer but still I can update my blog with it daily.

And I have this Official App of Blogger for Android which I am using it right now to write this post, I will take time to get used to it and will get to learn every aspects of it as I continue to use it and write post with it here.

I see options of posting pics also here which I will try when I come here to write my next post. Also I have to change whole look and feel of the blog as I see some very nice blogs these days.

Ironically as I have not posted for so months the traffic to blog has increased by more than double thanks to Google page rank also some of my posts are doing well and are being reflected on the top of Google searches.

I will come back soon here and will be regular and this I have started by writing this post until then watch this space

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