Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly Food Diary

I have been looking to do something new with my blog so as to make it more interesting. Then on one day a thought came to me to share what i eat on daily Basis, by this visitors will get to know what i eat. My Mother is always worried of me that i didn't eat much, but i like to eat different things and always do experiments by tasting various stuff i get around me. There is one thing with me which i do not understand that i could not eat anything before 10 or 11 in the morning, if i try to eat also my Stomach also refrain me from doing so, that means most of the time i don't have Breakfast.

So today i am displaying in front of you my Last Week Food Diary(Aug 5 - Aug 11), Sorry for this Post i don't have any Pictures of the Food that i had but will try to post some Pictures from the meal that i have next time onwards.

5th August 2010

* A Glass Of Milk in Morning. * Rajma Chawal in Lunch. * Ate Namkeen in Small bowl( 2 times ) * Nashpati Fruit. * Sliced Bananas with Lemon,Salt,red chilly powder just before Dinner. * 3 Chapatis with Arbi(Colocasia roots) Sabji in Dinner.

6th August 2010

* Had a Glass of Milk in Morning. * A Coffee with Prashanth in Office. * Tea at Dhaba with Driver Mangoo in Meerapur at T Point enroute to Nazibabad. * Tea and Biscuits at same place while returning from the site. * Bhutta(Maize) at same place. * 3 Chapatis little Rajma(Beans) Aloo Tamatar Sabji(Curry made of Potato and Tomato) and Curd.(No lunch today ) * A Glass of Milkshake. 

7th August 2010

* A Glass of Milk . * Poha(Flattened Rice i guess) in Breakfast. * Arhar Dal and Rice with Curd in Lunch. * Poha again. * An Apple. * A Motichoor Laddoo. * Rice Arhar dal, Aloo Tamatar Sabji in Dinner. * Another Motichoor Laddoo.

8th August 2010

* A Glass of Milk with 3 Bread Slices. * Maggi one Pack cooked by me additional ingredients were Capsicum and Tomatoes. * Little Namkeen. * Aloo Patty with Papa at Krishna Plaza. * 1 Puri and little Aloo Sabji at a Bhandara at Abu Lane. * A Glass of Pepsi. * 2 1/2 plates of Aloo Pakori in Dinner.

9th August 2010

* A Glass Of Milk. * A Cup of Coffee at Office. * 3 Aloo Paranthas with Mango Pickle in Lunch. * A Cup of Coffee at Office. * One Biscuit,some Peanuts and Tea with my Sis In Laws family. * 1 Chapati,Rice,chole(Gram),Matar Paneer Sabji(Curry made of Green Peas and Cottage Cheese),Raita in dinner. * Little Ghaver (A Kind Of Sweet )

10th August 2010

* A Glass of Milk and a Banana. * Stuffed Kulcha and 300ml Maaza soft drink at New Ways Pastry shop in Lunch. * Half a cup Tea and Half Bread Pakora with Divesh Sir and Deepak Sir Outside Office. * Some Peanut Namkeen. * A sip of Pepsi. * 3 Chapatis and Matar Paneer Sabji in Dinner. * A sip of Fanta.

11th August 2010

* A Glass of Milk and 2 Bananas. * Lunch shared with Rawelcom Guys Chapatis and Shimla Mirch(Capsicum) Sabji. * 2 Samosas and a Cup of Tea. * A Coffee at Office. * A Gunjiya. * A sip of Fanta and some Peanuts. * Chole Chawal in Dinner. * A Sip Of Fanta and Some Peanuts again.
So this was my First Food diary, hope i will be regular with it. 
If any of you need any explanation about any of the Food items
or what they mean please post it in comment section and i will be happy to acknowledge.


    I checked your blog so many times from yesterday for any new interesting post.
    I found it now but a bit boring,let me criticise for the very fist time.We are not any celeb,people dont want to know what we eat,i think so! Anyway okay post!!looking forward for the pics of what u eat!!

  2. Ya you are right we are not celebs, i also think people will not be very interested to read it.
    Let see how it goes, i just wanted to make a diary of my eating habits.
    Will think about it again, may be i will make a separate blog for it for myself.

  3. good food diary... great effect... i have some usggestions for the food diary... why don't u publish time, instead of writing the foods as bullets... also if some food is special u can go into details of that... a very great effort... remembering foods that u ate before a week is really difficult...

  4. I Liked all of your suggestions and will follow them from next time.
    But i am in a dilemma to post my Food Diary here or make a separate Blog for it.
    Its Difficult to remember them but i had made an online diary where i put my daily details of Eating regularly.


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