Author was born in a small town called Deoband in Uttar Pradesh state of India on 3rd April to Padam Chand Bhardwaj and Rajni Bhardwaj. He happens to be their Second Child After daughter Deepali who was a year and a half older to him. They named him Abhishek, when Author asked his parents about the selection of the name they told Amitabh Bachchan's Son name was also the same and they liked it.

Padam Chand Bhardwaj was a Clerk in a nationalized Bank at the time of Author's Birth while Rajni Bhardwaj was a Housewife. They were a typical Indian Middle Class Family. Parents narrate that when Author was born he was very weak but they were happy as  atleast a Boy was born. As Author's Father was posted in Meerut(U.P) he spent most of his early Childhood there.

He was admitted to a Hindi Medium School in Meerut where he was not a great student but once came second in UKG class even Author don't have any idea how he achieved it. Parents told him that he was very skinny with very thin limbs "Girta Padta hee rehta tha hamesha". When Author's Father got promotion he got transferred to New Delhi so family also moved in with him. Now Author's Mom fought with his Husband so that both the kids could be admitted to English Medium Schools. Author has just passed 1st Class and his Sister 3rd. Eventually both of them were taken for tests to get entry in an English Medium School named Vishal Bharti Public School in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi. 

Both the kids were told some simple math problems and English Grammar questions by their Father so that they could get through the entrance test exam. Author was scared as always when he went to gave exam on the next day which went very pathetic.Both the kids with their Father were Called by Principal to let them know their result. Both got failed but still both were given admissions on the word that they have to improve in near future. Deepali faired very well in her class in coming time while Author was just an average student.

In the coming years Padam Chand Bhardwaj got transferred to various places and his family accompanied him. After spending 5 years in New Delhi Author spent 5 years in Betul in Madhya Pradesh and completed his schooling in Meerut again with a first division in CBSE.

As the flow of river was towards Engineering Author also joined Electronics Engineering and till date he does not have any idea why he had gone for it, he got a placement when he finished 3rd year of his Engineering in a Software Firm but never got the joining after he finished college due to 2008 recession. Nearly one year after he finished his College he got into a Telecom Firm with his Best Friend Manish Rajora , after spending a year and a half he left his Job and went to search a new Job and eventually he got his new Job again in a Software Firm in Noida where he is currently working.

Meanwhile on 9th December 2009 his Sister got married to Lieutenant Pankaj Sharma of Meerut who currently is Captain in Indian Army. Both Author and Sister Deepali from the outset had hate hate relationship but on the day she got married Author wept for continuous 2 days and now respect and cares about her a lot.

Author is a very liberal person who has a good knowledge about the world , he does not believe much in current Politics. He likes to follow rules in his life and seconds the line " Be the change that you want to see in the world ". Author is Gandhian by virtues and like peace and believes you can conquer many things with Non Violence. He is a very simple person and does not spend much money but still he is always in dearth of them at the end of the every month.

Author loves his country but does not believe that his country is the best in the world and thinks there is plenty of room for improvement. He likes reading about great personalities as it gives confidence to him. His favourite pass time is to surf on net and read some nice personal Blog, if he like any Blog he would spend his all time in reading it. He knows only two language Hindi and English and in both he is not perfect as you must  have seen while reading this post.

Before going to sleep he always thinks about his future aspirations and how he could fulfill them and then we he wakes up in the next morning he forgets about them and thinks again on the next night and again forgets them when he wakes up and this continuous cycle goes on and this is still in loop.

Before making this Blog Author had made many Blogs but none had worked for him, when Author joined blogging during his College days his aim was to earn some money from it, he was so obsessed with Blogging that once he made his blog the home page of most of the systems of his College's Internet Lab. After failing with many Blogs he eventually started this Blog in May 2010 which is going fine since then. Author does not want to earn anything from this Blog because he know that he can not earn anything from it so he just focuses on to be regular here and write sense.

At present Author is living in New Delhi with his Parents and his Sister is living in Jamnagar Gujarat with her Husband. His parents think that he still have to achieve a lot in his life and they are not impressed with his present earning and care for him a lot and Author shares their feeling.

Its about more than an hour that Author is writing this post in his Office all alone as the hour of Clock reaches 2 in the early morning, he is not feeling sleepy but mentally he is tired of writing, he is not sure whether he has written the About Me page for his Blog as up to expectations or not but he  vows to comeback here again and edit this page as new Chapters in his life gets add up in future, till then to anyone who has worked hard to read this complete page thanks and GoodBye from this very Author.

Abhishek Bhardwaj
26 September
1:55 am 
Noida Sec -62

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